Free Sample Friday – A Lizard in My Luggage

It’s Summersdale Free Sample Friday. For this week only you’ll be able to read and download the first two chapters of the fantastic A Lizard in My Luggage by Anna Nicholas.

Anna had never liked the idea of Mallorca, thinking it was for the disco and beer swilling fraternity. That was until her sister hired an au pair from a rural part of the island who said it was the most beautiful place on earth. On a visit, Anna impulsively decided to buy a ruined farmhouse.

Despite her fear of flying, she kept a foot in both camps and commuted to Central London to manage her PR company. But she found herself drawn away from the bustle, stress and the superficial media world towards the tranquil life. She soon realised that her new existence was more enriching and fulfilling. She was learning to live life for its moments rather than race through it in the fast lane.

A Lizard in My Luggage explores Mallorca’s fiestas and traditions, as well as the ups and downs of living in a rural retreat. It is about learning to appreciate the simple things and take risks in pursuit of real happiness. Most importantly, it shows that life can be lived between two places.

”A beautifully written and highly entertaining account of the upside of downshifting.” The Daily Mirror

For a limited time only this book can be purchased on Kindle for just £1.99 as part of our Viva Espana offer.


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