Want to become a Summersdale author?

Please read all of the following information before submitting your proposal

Hey there! So you’d like to become a Summersdale author? Well, luckily we have all the information you need to make a submission right here. Please do read these guidelines in full before you make your submission – they have been honed over years of publishing fantastic books, so we know it’s what works for us. The most important thing of all, though, is that you show your work in the best light possible. We want to be wowed by your book proposal, so this is your chance to do whatever you can to convince us we should work with you.

Please familiarise yourself with our online catalogue or look at our books in a bookshop before you make a submission. We specialise in gift and humour, travel writing, health and general non-fiction. Please do not send fiction, poetry, children’s books or autobiography. We are not currently looking for cookery books. Unless you are an established writer we will not commission an unfinished book.

To submit your work:

  • please put the title of your submission in the subject line of your email (this helps us keep track of things and sets you apart from all the ‘re: book idea’ emails we get – win–win!)
  • please include a covering letter within the body of your email – no need to send a separate document – which should give us an immediate idea of what the book is about and who you are. This is where you can really grab our attention and stand out from the crowd.
  • please include the following as Word (.doc) files, not PDFs or embedded within your email, and labelled with the title of your book (please don’t send attachments titled ‘My Book’ as again they’re likely to get muddled up with all the others!):
    • a synopsis explaining the aims and scope of your project and with a chapter breakdown of the full manuscript
    • an indication of the audience to whom you think your book will appeal and details of any relevant competing titles (and how yours is different)
    • any pertinent information about your platform or existing audience (links to relevant social media accounts/blog follower stats/previous talking experience etc.) or ideas you have for promoting your book
    • the first two chapters of the work (or equivalent amount of sample material from the start of the book)
  • please note: it is far more helpful and efficient if you send all of these things with your first email so everything is in one place. We do not respond to emails asking if we would like to see a manuscript (just go ahead, be bold!).

Please send your submissions to:

Gift, humour, general interest, health: submissions@summersdale.com.

Travel: travel@summersdale.com.

Please allow two to three months for us to get back to you. We reply to submissions as quickly as possible, but the sheer volume we receive means that there is, inevitably, some delay. Please do not call the office as it is often impossible to track down a manuscript immediately. If more than four months have passed and we have not replied to you, email us stating the name of the manuscript and the date that you sent it in, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If we reject your submission, we are not usually able to provide detailed feedback, or to recommend other publishing companies you could approach, because of the huge amount of material we receive. There are many reasons why books are rejected, so please remember that this is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of the work. As a small publishing company the number of books we can accommodate on our list is limited: many promising manuscripts are rejected because they simply do not fit on our list, or because we have already published – or have plans to publish – something along similar lines.

Please also note that we are unable to arrange meetings or phone calls to discuss submissions due to time constraints – it would mean less time for us to spend assessing other manuscripts and would not be fair to our other potential authors.


We much prefer to receive digital submissions – they are easier to work with, share with the submissions team and respond to, and there is a much lower risk of it getting lost! If there’s a very good reason you simply must send us a hard copy, please submit your proposal and sample material to:

Submissions Team
Summersdale Publishers Ltd
46 West Street
West Sussex
PO19 1RP
United Kingdom

Always keep a copy; while we will take all possible care of your work, we cannot accept any responsibility for its loss. Never send original artwork or photographs, only photocopies. Please provide an email address so we can contact you. If you would like your material returned, please ensure that you include adequate postage for us to send it back, otherwise your manuscript will be disposed of. We have had to institute a policy of not replying to writers who send inadequate postage and no email address.