Oldie Literary Lunch

Wednesday saw a gathering of booklovers at October’s Oldie Literary Lunch at Simpson’s-on-the-Strand in London. The speakers were Alistair Darling, Diana Athill, and our very own Edward Enfield, who delighted the diners with his tales of falling asleep on live TV (and being rudely awoken by Jeremy Paxman demanding to know just how he, Edward, would live on £147 a week), bonfire-loving chickens, and the man who took a big basket of plums to the Queen (I won’t tell you the punchline to that one).

Edward’s new book, Growing to a Ripe Old Age: 50 Years in the Garden, is, as he told the audience, suitable for experienced gardeners, who will enjoy disagreeing with him; for novice gardeners, who will find nuggets of interesting advice; and for non-gardeners, who can just lean back, enjoy the story, and be glad they don’t have to worry about gardening at all!