Felicity passes the 1000km mark

Felicity Aston, author of Call of the White,  has been making great progress and reached the South Pole shortly before Christmas Day on the 21st of December. Felicity has passed the 1000km mark in her 1700km, 65-day journey to become the first woman in the world to cross Antarctica alone.

Having spent one day at the Pole resupplying and resting, Felicity was back on the ice for Part 2 of her Antarctic traverse with a heavy-laden pulk and some special treats to enjoy on Christmas Day in her tent. New Year’s Day saw Felicity skiing through a crevass field, but she has since been blessed with some good weather that has helped her make some serious progress in the past week.

Expected to reach her last resupply point at the Thiels Mountain Range today, it becomes a race against time for Felicity to reach Hercules Inlet and complete her epic solo attempt in time for the end of season (and last flight out of the continent!).

Please join us in wishing Felicity blue skies and Godspeed!

You can follow her progress through Twitter, Facebook and Phonecasts from the expedition website at www.kasperskyonetransantarcticexpedition.com