Free Sample Friday – Twitchhiker

It’s Summersdale Free Sample Friday. For this week only you’ll be able to read and download the first four chapters of the brilliant Twitchhiker by Paul Smith.

Bored in the bread aisle of the supermarket one day, Paul Smith wondered how far he could get around the world in 30 days through the goodwill of users of social networking site Twitter. At the mercy of these rules, he set his sights on New Zealand – the opposite point on the planet to his home in Newcastle. All he had to do next was explain the idea to his new wife.

In an adventure wrapped in nonsense and cocooned in daft, he travelled by road, boat, plane and train, slept in five-star luxury and on no-star floors, shmoozed with Hollywood A-listers and was humbled by the generosity of the thousands who followed his journey and determined its course.

A madcap and frankly inadvisable adventure… hugely enjoyable, very funny.’

                                                     Martin Kelner, columnist for The Guardian

‘He made it from London to New Zealand. Yet more amazing, he sounds like a decent, modest witty guy. And only very occasionally like a Web2.0 irritant. Promise.’                                           

The Times


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