Mission Mongolia inspires man to help charity

A small British charity is getting some help from an international business consulting firm after one of its employees in Texas chanced upon a Summersdale title, ‘Mission Mongolia : Two Men, One Van, No Turning Back’.

The man, Thad Darden is a strategy consultant with Bain and Company, who have offices in forty-seven countries. He’s now written to the charity mentioned in the book, Go Help, offering his services for free and suggesting a number of projects he might work on and adding he’s keen to raise some money for them by doing the trip to Mongolia himself.

Thad told Go Help: ‘The book became impossible to put down and I realised that I had to experience it for myself’.

Go Help, who finance a number of projects which aid children in Mongolia, are getting in touch with Chad to work out how best to use his expertise.

The book’s author, David Treanor, said: ‘It’s always lovely, of course, to hear when someone has enjoyed your book — but the fact that this reader wants to take it further and help the charity is a fantastic bonus’.

For more information on Mission Mongolia click here.