Summersdale Tomato Club

What with all these soggy, rainy days, flood warnings and dim skies, you’d be forgiven for thinking us mad for wanting to spend our free time outside. But here at Summersdale we’ve collected a hardy group of seasoned and novice gardeners to create the Summersdale Tomato Club. The club’s inaugural meeting a few weeks ago was held outside in the glorious sunshine (remember that?), but even though the temperature has dropped since then, our enthusiasm has not.

Inspired by some of our own green-fingered authors, such as Kay Sexton (Minding My Peas and Cucumbers) and Edward Enfield (Growing to a Ripe Old Age), we set out to buy some seedlings and organise a watering rota. (Even when watering hasn’t exactly been vital due to the torrential rains, we’ve been taking it in turns to check on their progress and make sure they haven’t been swept away!)

Last Friday saw us getting rather more brown-fingered than green, with the transplanting of our little plants into grow bags. One of the plants had sadly been uprooted and was looking a little forlorn, but it was salvaged by a non-member (who shall remain nameless) to start up a rival tomato-growing project of her own, just along the patio!

The rain held off long enough for us to perform our gardening duties, and it was nice for the club to all come together for this important stage in the project. For several of us, this was the first time we’d planted any living things, although under the helpful guidance of the more experienced gardeners among us (and useful hints from The Gardener’s Calendar and Trugs, Dibbers, Trowels and Twine), the tomato plants were soon safely in their new homes.

All that’s left to do now is keep up the watering, feeding and ‘pinching out’, and hope for the best. Hopefully soon we’ll find out if we agree with Lewis Grizzard, who once said that ‘It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a home-grown tomato.’

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