Summersdale Snow Day!!

Silliness is always a big part of the Summersdale working week (take, for example, our ever-so-serious editorial checks on books such as Rude Puzzler, The Recession Kama Sutra and Jack Shit), so when snow fell it seemed only right that we should embrace our childishness and go out to frolic in the garden. After a heated competition to see who could create the biggest snowball (certain people revealed hitherto-unknown but very impressive snowball-making skills!) we then turned to the serious matter of transforming them into three well-loved (though not necessarily beautiful) snowmen. Eyes, noses, mouths and arms were fashioned following a quick raid of the fruit bowl and a scavenger hunt for sticks and stones.

And, what do you know, our little family of snowmen turned out to be quite the romantics! Loved-up Mummy and Daddy Snowman exchanged sweet nothings from inside the pages of our new book, I Love You, and planned a special night in together as advised in 365 Days of Romance, while their daughter, still pining away after the spectacle that was Les Misérables, recited lovely lines to Hugh Jackman from All You Need is Love.

While love may be in the air for this little family (they can’t wait for Valentine’s Day!), for the Summersdale crew it’s back to the office for an afternoon of serious, heads-down work… well, maybe with a few snowball fights thrown in.