The Salsa Club

There are two beginnings to this story…

Version One:

At Summersdale we believe in taking a holistic approach to life, nurturing our employees as rounded individuals with complex lives and deep emotional needs. Therefore, we take every opportunity to come together in the open air, to feel Mother Nature’s earth running through our fingers, to plant roots that symbolise the growth we’re all seeking…

Version Two:

We’ve eaten so many chocolate biscuits, doughnuts, ice creams and Jaffa cakes that we had to get a grip on ourselves and plant some vegetables, or risk contracting scurvy…

Which version is truer to the Summersdale Way? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Anyway, whatever our true motivations were, on Tuesday we built on the foundations of last year’s successful Tomato Club with the launch of our Salsa Club: a combined effort to produce a delicious crop of tomatoes, courgettes and chillies, just the ingredients you need to make a dish of joy-giving salsa. And we were lucky enough to be joined by a Celebrity Guest: the oh-so-talented Dom & Ink, whose creations will be gracing our list later this year – stay tuned for further details!



Dom and Claire delicately plant the first courgette – the start of something beautiful…



Team Summersdale (Steve, Abi, Debbie and Suzanne) stand poised for gardening action.



Colour coordination is key.



And they’re in!



The pleasure of a job well done. Nice work, team!


Our thanks to Dom & Ink for giving Salsa Club the groovy start it deserves. Follow this blog for further salad-related developments – or come and visit us this summer to see how our garden grows!