The Salsa Club – Sunshine and tomato blossoms

The sun was out this afternoon at Summersdale HQ and it was a good chance for Salsa Club to pop downstairs and see how the future salsa is doing. We’ve had a large dose of traditional British summertime this last week (lots of lovely rain) so the plants are looking lush and green, if a little dishevelled from the blustery wind. Nature hadn’t taken care of the watering today so it was time to fill up our jaunty yellow watering can and get pouring!



The tomato plants in particular have grown incredibly and it was really exciting to see where once they were once a little stem and handful of leaves, they are now spilling over the grow bags in a tumble of life and greenness. It looks like it’s time to bring in the bamboo and give them a little bit of support so they can put all their energy into growing up and providing plump, rosy tomatoes for our summer salsa. Even more exciting than all our plants’ growth spurts are the handful of yellow blossoms we found under one of our tomato plants leaves; a sign that tomatoes are on their way!



How are your summer veggies growing? Send us pictures of your vegetable patches!