The evolution of a book cover

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but when the cover is this beautiful, it’s hard not to.

Circle Line by Steffan Meyric Hughes - book cover


One of the most fun parts of working with books is that you get to see the development of a lovely cover like this, from its inception to the final design. For Circle Line, by Steffan Meyric Hughes (a charmingly whimsical tale of his travels on London’s waterways), the brief was clear: we wanted to show the intimacy and eccentricity of the trip itself while at the same time portraying the beauty and nostalgia for the lost industrial age of the big city, all viewed from a new perspective – from the water. The designer, the wonderful Docktor Bob, took all this on board and set about creating an elegant and richly detailed cover which perfectly captured the essence of the book.

Here’s how he got there:


Working with designers this talented is one of the perks of being in publishing. It’s wonderful to see a project come to life – and Docktor Bob’s artwork takes us right into the heart of this magical book.