The Little Book of Moustaches – now in Ted Baker stores!

Since it first hit the nation’s shelves this summer, The Little Book of Moustaches has been making waves – stylishly waxed and groomed ones, of course. And we’re delighted to see the be-tached glory of Ted Baker’s counter displays for Movember. Find out more on Twitter at #TedsMoBros or at Ted’s Grooming Room.

We think Movember is a great opportunity to raise awareness of men’s health issues and to raise money for charity. Summersdale’s own dapper gents and well-turned-out ladies will be twirling a curl in a good cause on 15 November – more on this to follow. In the meantime, here’s a message from the reclusive and enigmatic but always on-trend Rufus Cavendish:

“Winter is stealing up on us and it will soon be time to lint-roll the cashmere gloves and remove our snoods from their mothballs. Of course, every dapper lady and gentleman knows that the ultimate in winter accessory is the well-groomed moustache; a scarf for your upper lip. On this chilly Movember day, it is a Mustachio’s public duty to urge others to defend against the cold with a Dali, prevent chills with a Poirot and fight frost with the Fu Manchu. I urge you all, if you only invest in one classic piece this winter, let it be a moustache.”

Rufus’s next book, The Little Book of Cocktails, will be out in June 2014. Good luck with your research, Rufus!