All about New Old-Fashioned Parenting

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2015 sees the official launch of our new Vie imprint, which celebrates the very best in health and well-being publishing. In January we were proud to launch Oh Sugar!, and February brings 7 Secrets of Raising Girls Every Parent Must Know and New Old-Fashioned Parenting to bookshelves round the world.

We were thrilled to see New Old-Fashioned Parenting featured in the Daily Mail today. In the article, author Liat Hughes Joshi explains her strategy of combining the best elements of traditional and contemporary parenting, to help us raise children who are independent and confident, while also being aware of their surroundings and other people’s needs.

As Liat says in her article:

As parents, we have three main responsibilities: to keep our children safe, to make them happy in the here and now, and to prepare them to be well-functioning adults who can live contentedly in the wider world. But, if we carry on as we are, we’re in real danger of spawning a generation of mini-narcissists.

To stop that, we need to take back the tiny tiaras and put an end to the tantrums — by mixing the fun of today with the grounding wisdom of our parents.

With thousands of online shares already, we’re certain this book will make waves in the parenting world. To find out more about New Old-Fashioned Parenting, and to order your own copy, click here. Visit Liat’s website at, and find her on Twitter at @liathughesjoshi.

Stay tuned for Liat’s next book, How to Unplug Your Child: 101 Ways to Help Your Kids Turn Off Their Gadgets and Enjoy Real Life, which will be published in our Vie list in May 2015.