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We’re thrilled to celebrate the official publication date today of Emma Woolf’s latest book, Letting Go: How to Heal Your Hurt, Love Your Body and Transform Your Life. In this new book, Emma tackles a subject that applies to so many of us today: we feel that in order to ‘succeed’ – whatever that means – in life, we need to have control over everything, whether it’s our exercise regimes, our careers, our love lives, or anything else.

In an era of 24/7 connectedness, it’s easy to compare ourselves to others, to match our all-too-fallible real lives with the perceived and sometimes airbrushed perfection of our friends’ lives, and find ourselves wanting. It’s easy to think we need to be better, fitter, stronger, to say funnier things and get more ‘likes’ on our Facebook posts. But in this exciting new book, Emma shares her experiences with us and takes us on a journey of letting go, and accepting and celebrating our vulnerabilities. As she says, striving for perfection can stop us from embracing all that life has to offer:

Until we let go of perfect, that millstone around our neck, we cannot enjoy the present. It takes courage to say: my house/flat is chaos, but this party is wonderful. Or I feel happy and it doesn’t matter that my hair is a mess. Or this man makes me laugh and I don’t care that he’s not conventionally handsome. Or I’ve failed my driving test for the fourth time, but I’ll try again. Or I don’t have the perfect body, but I’m strong enough to hike up mountains. It’s the opposite of that needy, narcissistic whine: ‘What does everyone think of me?’ Instead it is saying: ‘I am enough.’ Best of all, it’s realising something very simple: there are more interesting things out there than me.

Jane Shilling, writing in The Daily Mail about Letting Go, said: ‘Woolf’s kindness and enthusiasm for helping those who have suffered, like her, from a crippling lack of confidence is beguiling.’

We’re sure you’ll agree. To find out more, and to let Emma’s fantastic new book beguile you, click here!