Editor Sophie shows her tricurious side

Sophie Martin at the Marlow Sprint Triathlon

Tricurious coverAt the end of June, Summersdale editor Sophie Martin showed her sporting mettle by participating in the Marlow Sprint Triathlon. It all started when she was working on a new book called Tricurious: Surviving the Deep End, Getting into Gear and Racing to Triathlon Success, by Laura Fountain and Katie King. What began as a word-based relationship with the ever-more-popular sport of triathlon transformed into the fully suited and booted swim-bike-run experience when Sophie won a place in the Marlow Sprint Triathlon at the book’s launch party. It just goes to show you never know what might happen at a book launch!

You can read all about Sophie’s exploits at Laura and Katie’s blog. And for more about the joys of swimming, cycling and running, why not take a dip, spin or sprint through Tricurious? Whether you’re an armchair sportsperson or a tried-and-tested triathlete, you’ll cross the finish line with a lot of knowledge under your belt – and, we predict, tears of laughter running down your cheeks.