Daniel Radcliffe to star in thriller 'Jungle'

Jungle is based on Summersdale title Lost in the Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe is set to star in an upcoming movie called Jungle, based on Lost in the Jungle, Yossi Ghinsberg’s thrilling account of trying to survive while lost in the Amazon.

Radcliffe said that he is “incredibly excited and honoured to have a role in furthering people’s awareness of what happened” to Ghinsberg and his fellow travellers.

“Their story is a truly remarkable one that sheds light on both harrowing and hopeful aspects of human nature,” he said. “It should be a very intense and physical shoot (obviously we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if it wasn’t) and I can’t wait to start work on it.”

Lost in the Jungle coverGhinsberg journeyed through the Amazon in 1982 after meeting a man who claimed to know where to find gold in an uncharted section of the expansive rainforest. The man’s promises turned out to be false, and Ghinsberg ended up alone for three weeks before being found and rescued.

Ghinsberg went on to write about his experience in a 2008 Summersdale title called Lost in the Jungle, which Jungle screenwriter Justin Monjo used as source material. Lost in the Jungle is being reissued as Jungle by Summersdale in 2017.

Alastair Williams, Managing Director of Summersdale, said, “We are thrilled that one of our most successful travel titles will soon be on the big screen. It will be exciting to see Daniel Radcliffe bringing Yossi’s adventures to an even wider audience.”