Summersdale launches its new website, in collaboration with Bookswarm and Stison

Summersdale is delighted to announce the launch of its new website. We’ve worked with Simon Appleby and his team at Bookswarm, a company that specialises in websites for the book industry, and our aim from the very beginning has been to create a clean and contemporary design that allows our vibrant and varied range of books to take centre stage.
With smartphones now being the UK’s preferred way of browsing the internet, it was vital to build a site that was as attractive and easy to use on phones and tablets as on PCs and laptops, and responsive design has been at the heart of the project from the outset.
We have also innovated by building an automatic daily data feed into the website from our new content management system, provided by Stison. This means that all bibliographic data is refreshed every night, keeping information up to date for all our users, whether trade customers or consumers.
Summersdale has been building its social media presence over recent years, and now has an active output on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Vine, with content carefully tailored to each platform, resulting in sustained and significant audience growth. Our new website connects users to all these channels, and highlights the latest content from Twitter and Instagram. We look forward to innovating further as the website develops, starting with a focus on more video and ‘look inside’ content. Our site will be a one-stop-shop for anyone wishing to learn about our list, conveying the enthusiasm and passion behind every Summersdale title.
This new website is just one element of an exciting rebranding strategy, rolling out in time for a full launch at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. Our new visual identity has evolved from our previous red branding into a smart, stylish and elegant set of black logos. These are already in place on our autumn titles and will be rolled out shortly across all company communications.
As an award-winning publisher with 25 years’ experience and an output of over 150 books per year, sold in outlets as diverse as Menkind, the National Trust, Waterstones and ASOS, and in territories all over the world, we needed a website that highlighted our key strengths in high-quality content and cutting-edge contemporary design. We’re thrilled to present our new website to the world, and we look forward to another 25 years – and more – of publishing books that inform, entertain and inspire.