Christmas Jumper Day

Editor Claire Berrisford takes us on a fund-raising journey through a winter-woolly wonderland…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Summersdale HQ. We haven’t quite gone as far as boughs of holly, but we have at least decked the halls with paper snowflakes and lights – seasonal feelings are all around.

This week, however, we kicked the festivities up a notch as we took part in Christmas Jumper Day. This is a national event held annually by Save The Children. As the name suggests, groups sign up and raise money by wearing Christmas jumpers at their school or workplace for a day, and donate money to the cause. This year, the money raised in the appeal will be going to help disadvantaged children in Nepal, giving them the healthcare, education and support that they would otherwise be missing.

Gaudy, ridiculous and glorious are just some of the words that could be used to describe Summersdale’s Christmas knitwear (and possibly all in the same sentence). We didn’t limit ourselves to festive jumpers either – sequins, Santa hats, fairy lights and even a singing elf t-shirt all took part in the fundraising efforts. We held a sweepstake to raise extra money (‘Guess What Julie Walters Is Listening To!’), and there were so many delicious baked goods in the kitchen, Mary Berry would have been proud.

By the end of the day, with the jumper and generous sweepstake donations combined, Summersdale had raised over £100.

For every pound that they receive, Save The Children spend 1p on governance, 11p on raising the next pound, and the remaining 88p on activities to benefit children around the world, so a huge amount of what we raised is going straight to the people who need it most. With so much money raised for the cause, this certainly is a heartening end to the year!