Adventureman: the recipe for a wonderful book launch

Summersdale’s Sales Operations Director, David Edyvean, cooks up the perfect recipe for a launch event to remember

Author: Jamie McDonald, Adventureman and general Gloucester legend.
Book: Adventureman: Anyone Can Be a Superhero. Out now – £9.99 paperback!
Bookseller: Katharine Seymour and the team at Waterstones Gloucester.
Media: ITV West Country, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Facebook, Twitter, local print press.
Publisher: David Edyvean, Dean Chant (Summersdale Sales and PR).

Carefully select Author to ensure compelling story and utter enthusiasm plus strong local and social media platforms. Add well written and designed Book, stir vigorously and leave to stand. Find committed and passionate Bookseller and combine with pre-prepared Author/Book mix. Continue to stir whilst sprinkling liberal amounts of TV, radio, print and social Media coverage (a well-timed in store author video adds particular spice). Simmer gently, add Publisher co-ordination, set timer for 12:00 Saturday 11th February.

Even before your session is due to start, an orderly queue of Author and Adventureman Book fans will have begun to form around the Bookseller’s first floor events space. The session is designed to last for two hours but you will find that three hours (and extra stock!) will be necessary to enable the Author to dispense the number of hugs and photographs required to keep his public happy, sell a large quantity of books and raise even more funds for the Superhero Foundation to which all royalties from the Book are being donated.

A flawless recipe cooked to perfection!

Thank you to everyone who made this event such a success.