50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Migraines

  • Imprint: Summersdale
  • Format: Ebook
  • Pages: 128
  • Price: £5.99
  • Publication date: 2 February 2009
  • ISBN: 9780857654861

About the book

Migraines are one of the most serious disabling medical conditions. In the UK, around one in five women, one in nine children and one in twelve men suffer from them. Are you one of them?

• Discover how to avoid your triggers
• Choose beneficial foods and supplements
• Understand conventional and alternative treatments


'provide jargon-free, no-nonsense, practical tips… these books are ideal for people who live busy lives who want easy-to-follow, accessible advice.'

The Jewish Vegetarian

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' a series of 50 things you can do today to manage... And there are 10 topics to date. They are fascinating books and I reckon there should be enough in there for me to banish my woes. So by my reckoning that is 500 things I can do to sort myself out.'

Paul Watson The Hartlepool Mail