An Octopus in My Ouzo

Loving Life on a Greek Island

  • Imprint: Summersdale
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 336
  • Price: £9.99
  • Publication date: 14 April 2016
  • ISBN: 9781849538602

About the book

Escape to the sunlight and colour of a wild island in the south Aegean.

When Jennifer moves alone into the Honey Factory on a tiny Greek island, bringing a laptop, her hiking boots and plans for a peaceful life, she has no idea what surprises are in store.

Diving into an exciting new life with a fisherman, she learns something every day. Joining the dancing at local festivals and helping at a café on the beach, surviving winter storms and finding a canine companion, she is faced with both challenges and rewards, and discovers that to become an island woman she must live small and think big.

About the author

Jennifer Barclay is a freelance editor and writer and now lives her dream life on Tilos (population 500), having spent much time in Greece and other countries. She is the author of Meeting Mr Kim: Or How I Went to Korea and Learned to Love Kimchi (ISBN: 978 1 84024 676 6) and The Traveller’s Friend (ISBN: 978 1 84953 189 4).


‘This book does what any good travel book should do, not only do you feel that you are there, it makes you want to go to that place at the first opportunity’


‘This book has re-awakened my love of travel writing, and for that I can only thank Jennifer Barclay.’

Rachel’s Random Reads Blog



‘Made me want to run away to a Greek island.’

Helena Frith Powell


‘This book will make you laugh and cry and laugh again. I didn’t want it to end…’

Emma Woolf


‘Unlucky in love? If you can’t escape to an idyllic Greek island Falling in Honey is the next best thing.’

John Mole


‘This inspiring true story made us laugh and cry.’

Heat Magazine

'Romantic, sun-drenched and mouth-watering... a true feast for the senses.'

‘Poetic, touching, enlightening: Jennifer’s very personal journey into Greece’s deep heartland will give even the most couch-bound armchair traveller itchy feet.’ 

Anne Zouroudi

'A seductive evocation of Greek island life and an honest exploration of what it means to try to live differently.   An Octopus in My Ouzo is about diving into the unknown and staying afloat, even when the enticing blue waters of the Aegean become clouded and choppy.'

Lizzie Enfield