Draw Breath: The Art of Breathing

Breathe Your Way to Calm with Simple, Guided Breath-Drawing Meditations

  • Imprint: Vie
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 160
  • Price: £16.99
  • Publication date: 12 September 2019
  • ISBN: 9781787830332

About the book

If yoga and doodling had a baby, this book would be it!

GOLD Winner – Living Now Book Awards 2020
Best book for Meditation, Relaxation & Anxiety Relief  

SILVER Winner – Nautilus Book Awards 2020
Books for Creativity & Innovation

BOOK OF THE WEEK – Women’s Own

Explore the naturally calming sensations of your own breath like never before with the simple, fast, and instantly relaxing exercises inside Draw Breath. Meditative and gorgeously illustrated, this award-winning book is like nothing else in the world of well-being. Draw Breath comes recommended by some of the world’s leading authors and clinical researchers in meditation.

Draw Breath is not just ideal for beginners but also for experts seeking to regain their “beginner’s mind” by looking at meditation techniques in a fresh way. You don’t need to be good at drawing; you don’t need to be a yogi, or have any experience with meditation… all you need is a pencil, and your breath.

Combining the philosophies of breathwork, mindfulness and psychology, along with adult creativity, well-being and colouring books in a totally unique and accessible way, this book will help you make “breath-taking” changes in your life.

“Just pencil and breath… a new way to nourish the soul! Playful and wise, Draw Breath is a visual delight” – Patricia Gerbarg MD, author of The Healing Power of the Breath

About the author

Tom Granger is an illustrator and author, whose award-winning adult-creativity books have been printed in multiple languages around the world. He holds a degree in philosophy and has studied yoga for over 10 years. Tom works extensively as a creative consultant for Breathworks, the UK's leading mindfulness teacher-training company, helping to create new and engaging ways of communicating the benefits of meditation.


“Draw Breath is one of the most beautifully crafted books that I have ever seen on the breath, it’s really well put together… with excellent content.”

Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage

Draw Breath is hands down the most creative approach to helping people sensitise themselves to the subtle experience of breathing. I especially love the way the book offers itself to limitless entry points: open it at any page and simply dive into the fun yet effective drawing experiments that link the kinesthesia of drawing, imagery and breath in the most unique way.”

Donna Farhi, author of The Breathing Book

“This book is wonderful – a really lovely and original way to express the deepest aspects of what mindfulness is and can do. It shines with gently guided and accessible drawing practices that will allow you to feel the actual experience of the present moment rather than become entangled in thoughts about it.”

Professor Mark Williams, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Oxford

“It’s impossible to be unhappy and curious at the same time. So take this book, pick up a pencil, draw breath, and unleash your curiosity and creativity.”

Danny Penman, author of the award-winning Mindfulness for Creativity

“One of the most creative approaches to learning Breathwork that I have seen – a gift to anyone who breathes.”

Dan Brulé, author of Just Breathe

“Just pencil and breath… a new way to nourish the soul. Playful and wise, a visual delight.”

Patricia Gerbarg, MD, co-author of The Healing Power of the Breath

“I love this book. I love plunging beneath a sea of words to rest in something much deeper. I love the way Tom knows that this is what so many of us need, and he has the talent and ability to bring this experience (I hesitate to call it a book) into being. Savour it and enjoy it. Your nervous system and mind will be grateful. They will, quite simply, thank you for taking the time to breathe.”

Vidyamala Burch, co-founder of Breathworks

“I love Draw Breath because it encourages you to simply be with your experience and the process of mark-making. Draw Breath is a practice you can come back to time and time again.”

Anna Black, author of Mindfulness on the Go

“The multi-sensory act of drawing with breath awareness – brilliant!”

Dr Richard P. Brown, co-author of The Healing Power of the Breath