Extreme Sleeps

Adventures of a Wild Camper

  • Imprint: Summersdale
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 320
  • Price: £9.99
  • Publication date: 1 April 2013
  • ISBN: 9781849533935

About the book

Veteran globetrotter Phoebe Smith sets out to prove that outdoor adventures are available in the UK which rival anything found elsewhere in the world. In this sometimes scary, frequently funny and intriguing journey around the country, Phoebe attempts to discover and conquer its wildest places.

From spending the night in the decaying wreckage of a World War Two bomber at Bleaklow to pitching next to the adrenaline-inducing sheer drops of Lizard Point, Phoebe’s extreme sleeps defy her perceptions of the great outdoors and teach her about herself along the way.

About the author

Phoebe Smith is editor of Wanderlust, the UK’s best-loved adventure travel magazine. She also writes for The Guardian, Trail, Backpacker (USA), Country Walking, and Australia and New Zealand magazine and has appeared on the BBC talking about camping.


'This book will let you in on some of the best locations in the British Isles and shares the secret techniques that can turn a grassy moorland or disused quarry into a presidential suite. Inspiring and enjoyable, Extreme Sleeps might just change your life.'

Leo Houlding, British climber, base jumper and adventurer

'Phoebe Smith proves that you don't need to leave our own shores to have some right royal muddy adventures in the UK. Encounters with sheep and mishaps under canvas are just as much fun at home as they are anywhere in the world!'

Julia Bradbury, presenter

'As Phoebe Smith reveals, Britain is blessed with wilderness - and you need no more than a tent and a misplaced sense of confidence to experience it.'

Simon Calder, travel writer and journalist

'Inspiring Stuff!'


'This is an inspiring and energetic read.'

The Great Outdoors Magazine

'the book is inspiring if you're planning your first night alone in the wilderness, particularly if you're female'

Adventure Travel

'It can be frightening and funny but always entertaining, and even if you don't fancy following in her footsteps you'll enjoy reading about the journey.'

Camping Magazine

'She portrays vividly the magnification of simple experiences that can make wild camping so exciting, relaxing and invigorating'

TGO Magazine

'Inspiring book'

Walk (The Ramblers' Association magazine)

'Smith combines self-deprecating humor and an overactive imagination to enliven her story… In addition, Smith takes time to educate readers on the culture and history of wild sleeping and the philosophy of people who would rather bypass formal campsites to discover Mother Nature’s wondrous bedroom décor.'


'Phoebe Smith is a splendid writer and an inspiring traveller'

Bill Bryson