Falling in Honey

Life and Love on a Greek Island

  • Imprint: Summersdale
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 320
  • Price: £9.99
  • Publication date: 4 March 2013
  • ISBN: 9781849532716

About the book

I came here looking for some kind of happiness. I think it might be the cleverest thing I have ever done.

One heartbroken winter, Jennifer decides to act on her dream of moving to a tiny Greek island – because life is too short not to reach out for what makes us happy.

Funny, romantic and full of surprising twists, Falling in Honey is a story about relationships, tzatziki, adventures, swimming, Greek dancing, starfish… and a bumpy but beautiful journey into Mediterranean sunshine.

About the author

Jennifer Barclay is a freelance editor and writer and now lives her dream life on Tilos (population 500), having spent much time in Greece and other countries. She is the author of Meeting Mr Kim: Or How I Went to Korea and Learned to Love Kimchi (ISBN: 978 1 84024 676 6) and The Traveller’s Friend (ISBN: 978 1 84953 189 4).


'Made me want to run away to a Greek island.'

Helena Frith Powell

'This book will make you laugh and cry and laugh again. I didn't want it to end…'

Emma Woolf

'Captures the gentle pace of island life with great charm. A joy to read.'

Harry Bucknall

'Unlucky in love? If you can't escape to an idyllic Greek island Falling in Honey is the next best thing.'

John Mole

'What makes Falling in Honey so gripping is the clear adoration that Jennifer feels for the country she now calls home. Through exquisite descriptions and very honest revelations soon she's not the only one falling head over heels. One way ticket to Greece anyone?'


'Jennifer never expected to find love when she followed her dream... love was the last thing she was looking for... Her remarkable story, about which she has written a moving book, has more than an echo of Shirley Valentine about it.'

The Daily Express

'beautifully conveys Jennifer's gentle integration into island life with her obvious delight at finding joy in simple pleasures.'

Lady Hiker in Cyprus

'It's genuinely the kind of book anyone interested in Greece would enjoy.'

EuGREEKA Newsletter

'Your story is an inspiration. You take us through the extreme ups and downs of your life to help us understand how love and a relationship can be with a place, not necessarily a person.'

leavingcairo.com Blog

'So, pack the guidebook AND pack these excellent memoirs of settling on Tilos, which brings this tiny island off Rhodes to incredible life… So much information oozes out of the book… Jennifer is like a breath of fresh air with her belief that it is possible to 'take action to make life better' … The book is a total delight… Greece literally jumps off the pages and introduces you to the island in a more intimate way than perhaps a guidebook can.'


'enchanting and life affirming'

Spirit FM Book Club

'This inspiring true story made us laugh and cry.' [Awarded five out of five stars]


'Barclay's beautiful memoir recalls both Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love (2006) and the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, providing glimpses into the lives of people in a small Greek village and the process of healing from a broken heart.'


I really loved it and was sad when I finished it. A real pleasure

Jane Johnson, author of The Tenth Gift and The Sultan's Wife

'it’s wholly brilliant'

Heatworld (Heat Magazine website)