Masking Evil

When Good Men and Women Turn Criminal

  • Imprint: Summersdale
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 304
  • Price: £8.99
  • Publication date: 14 July 2016
  • ISBN: 9781849538831

About the book

All of these men and women were in good professions… and all of them were hiding dark secrets.

Why do outwardly normal people commit horrendous crimes? In this collection of incisive profiles, veteran crime writer Carol Anne Davis turns the spotlight on men and women from respectable backgrounds who crossed the line into depravity. Whether a model pupil, a trusted member of the clergy or the chief of police, these otherwise ordinary people revealed their hidden capacity for the darkest crimes.

 Over 35 profiles, including:

  • The Sunday school teachers who killed their spouses in order to be together
  • The nurse who wanted a baby so badly that she cut one from another woman’s womb
  • The trainee vet who tried to kill his ex-girlfriend’s entire family out of jealousy

About the author

Carol Anne Davis is the author of eight true crime books and seven realistic crime novels. She contributes regularly to Serial Killer Quarterly and is a long-standing judge for the Crime Writers Association’s Non-Fiction Dagger award.


'They are the most frightening of killers - and the most dangerous. Friendly and respectable, they look as if they wouldn't harm a fly. But behind their smiling eyes, maybe even unknown to them, a time bomb of pure evil is ticking. Waiting for someone to press the button. And they are everywhere. In our towns. In our neighbourhoods. Around the corner. From model schoolboy to Sunday school teacher, chilling book Masking Evil investigates the horror that happens when good turns bad.'

Lewis Panther, Sunday Mirror

'This page-turner covers a wide variety of personalities and motives, along with context for how these ordinary people become serial offenders, from paedophiles to serial killers. You'll no doubt be left wondering who among your acquaintances might be harbouring similar creepy secrets.'

Dr Katherine Ramsland, Psychology Today

'Carol Anne Davis is an outstanding authority on true crime and Masking Evil is a fascinating, although chilling, study of criminals who shelter behind a mask of respectability. A book that is well worth reading for those who are interested in true crime and the psychology, not to mention a good source of plots for crime writers. An authoritative and very interesting book.'

Carol Weston, Promoting Crime Blog