New Old-Fashioned Parenting

A Guide to Help You Find the Balance between Traditional and Modern Parenting

  • Imprint: Vie
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 256
  • Price: £10.99
  • Publication date: 12 February 2015
  • ISBN: 9781849536721

About the book

There’s been a revolution in the family; it’s now all about the kids.

We’ve moved on from children being ‘seen and not heard’, but we’re now plagued with the worry of ending up with ‘that child’ – the one who’s running amok and is ill-prepared for life.


This book combines contemporary and traditional childrearing methods, bringing fresh thinking to some of the essential parenting issues of our time:
• Managing screen use
• Encouraging independence
• Finding the balance between school and play
• Compromising between parenting that’s pushy and not involved enough
• Establishing the ‘best of both worlds’ approach that
works in the modern world for modern families.


In this manifesto of new old-fashioned parenting there’s no pandering, no spoiling, and definitely no dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets at dinner time.

About the author

Liat Hughes Joshi is a North London-based freelance journalist and author who writes about parenting and lifestyle issues. 

She has contributed to many national and international publications including The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times and The Guardian and a range of magazines and websites. Liat is also a columnist and feature writer for AOL UK's parenting website She makes regular appearances on TV and radio providing comment on parenting and family life.


New Old-Fashioned Parenting isn’t just about how to discipline though, it addresses many of the worrying problems parents are faced with today in a practical and useful manner. All in all, a handbook that today’s parent should treasure.’

Woman’s Way Magazine

‘If you’ve ever uttered the words ‘back in my day’ then New Old-Fashioned Parenting, is the book for you. It’s a refreshing antidote to the pandering parenting we’re guilty of nowadays. Author, Liat Hughes Joshi advocates helping children to learn that ‘life isn’t all about them, all the time’.’

Essentials Magazine, May 2015 issue

'a brilliant book'

The Huffington Post

‘Interesting and highly topical’

The Sun

'gives tips on tackling spoilt kids and advises frazzled parents to stand firm, encourage chores and polite manners and turn off the WiFi'

The Daily Mail

'The antidote to over-indulgent modern parenting. Challenges some of the ways we’ve come to think about what’s best for our children and provides fresh, practical advice about parenting dilemmas of our times.'

Oliver James, psychologist and author of Affluenza and How Not to F*** Them Up

'This is the book to help parents find that delicate fine line between being involved and over-involved and to resist the social pressures that are bearing down on us in order to raise decent and empathetic children. This clear, lucid and sensible guide will simplify your parenting and help you find a happier family life.'

Tanith Carey, author of Taming the Tiger Parent and Girls Uninterrupted