Planet-Friendly Hacks

Simple Tips and Budget-Friendly Advice for Sustainable Living

  • Imprint: Summersdale
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 176
  • Price: £9.99
  • Publication date: 29 September 2022
  • ISBN: 9781800074026

About the book

This handy guide is brimming with quick tips, life hacks and budget-friendly tricks to help you reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably

An eco-friendly lifestyle is expensive and time-consuming, right? Wrong! There are countless ways to make green choices that don’t take a toll on your time, your bank balance or the planet.

This book is your one-stop guide to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you need tips on conserving energy or reducing food waste, or you want to give your home a makeover without impacting the planet, these pages include everything you need to get started. You will find:

  • Clever life hacks to make reducing your carbon footprint that bit easier
  • Simple tips to help you make planet-friendly choices in everyday life
  • Smart advice for eco-living on a budget
  • Inspiration for eco-friendly crafts and DIY projects

It’s more important than ever to do our bit for the environment, and Planet-Friendly Hacks will help you live life to the full without costing the earth.

About the author

Elizabeth Ajao is a student who loves nothing more than writing about real people. She is currently based in Surrey, where she lives with her other half. When she isn’t writing, Elizabeth spends her time painting, sewing and teaching the violin – sometimes you might even find her studying!