Son of Serge Bastarde

Mayhem in the Antiques Markets of Rural France

  • Imprint: Summersdale
  • Format: Ebook
  • Pages: 272
  • Price: £6.68
  • Publication date: 4 June 2012
  • ISBN: 9780857657190

About the book

night. It was around midnight and we strained our ears to hear, hardly daring to breathe. And there it was a kind of crunch, crunch, crunching sound.’

John’s life as a travelling brocanteur (antiques dealer) in rural France is decidedly less colourful as his unscrupulous yet affable partner in crime, Serge Bastarde, marries and decamps to Martinique. But, like a bad penny, Serge returns, his personal life in tatters. What follows is a madcap adventure which sees John being coerced into striking deals with the Romanian ‘mafia¡’, re-roofing a huge Basque house and getting trapped in a skip in the dead of night, while Serge rides an emotional roller coaster.

Serge may be as faux as some of his antiques but, with John’s help, he eventually strikes gold in this laugh-out-loud romp.

About the author

Ex-blues drummer John Dummer has worked as a journalist, broadcaster, press officer and band manager. He lives in the Aquitaine region of France with his wife, Helen, and works as an antiques dealer.


"What a delight it is to be invited back into the world of Serge Bastarde -- now with an equally roguish son in tow. From cupboards that crunch in the night, to the reasons why French people love floral china, this book is full of warmth, humour and colourful characters. John Dummer gives us a real insider glimpse into the world of the French antique markets. Don't go near one until you've read this book first!"

Karen Wheeler - best-selling author of Tout Sweet, Tout Allure and Tout Soul.

"An amusing and well-observed romp through the brocantes of South-West France inhabited by a host of colourful characters -- a must for lovers of all things French. Lovejoy for Francophiles!"

Marc Allum - specialist on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow.

'I adore hunting through the French brocante markets and this book will certainly add a whole new dimension to the experience. An entertaining and enjoyable read for anyone interested in antiques or France.'

Judith Miller of Miller's Antiques Guides and Antiques Roadshow

'This sequel to the entertaining Serge Bastarde Ate My Baguette details further havoc in the life of a travelling antiques dealer in rural France.'

The Bookseller

'the latest addition to the Serge Bastarde series… profiling a quieter life in rural Francer, and the mischief that occurs on a scarily regular basis!… hilarious… '

St Christopher's Live Your Life e-zine

'A light-hearted read that's perfect for summer, and for Francophiles, sequel to Serge Bastarde ate my Baguette. Antiques dealer Serge returns to his friends, this time with a new-found adult son. You know trouble's brewing when the narrator tell his wife, 'Trust me, I know what I'm doing… '


'… his second book about the likeable rogue, Serge Bastarde. This time we go behind the scenes of brocantes, meeting several delightful characters - all willing to slit each other's throats for that one unique item! The atmosphere of rural France is captured beautifully and this would be an excellent holiday read or gift.'

Living France

'The combination of some of the real characters of the market - think Allo, Allo meets Steptoe - and a mix of Anglos looking to make some readies is a recipe for brilliant escapades in Place du Marchés all over the south of France.'

Connexions France

'They are a quirky lot in France… life is never dull! And John Dummer's latest book is testament to that! Following on from the successful Serge Bastarde Ate My Baguette, it features Serge's bid to recover from a broken heart and the chaos which unfolds… It's a simple but hilarious tale.'

Burnley Express