The Hairy Hikers

A Coast-to-Coast Trek Along the French Pyrenees

  • Imprint: Summersdale
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 320
  • Price: £8.99
  • Publication date: 2 April 2012
  • ISBN: 9781849532372

About the book

With a glint in his eye, Rob turns and asks me if I want to ‘touch his furry puma’. I begin to feel a little concerned about the days and weeks ahead; we are only hours into the trip and things have already taken a sinister turn. Thankfully it turns out he is referring to the little embossed logo on his new shirt. Fuelled by a degree of mid-life crisis and the need to escape, albeit temporarily, the dull routine of modern life, David and Rob set out to walk from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, taking in French villages, beautiful scenery and one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in Europe. Just about perfect – if you can put aside the inevitable conflict, drama and unexpected tedium that results from two men spending over seven solid weeks in each other’s company! This humorous, reflective and often poignant account of two increasingly hairy hikers’ coast-to-coast trek along the length of the French Pyrenees, revealing the history and geography along the way, will appeal to weekend walkers, serious trekkers and all who simply enjoy a good story of human endeavour and foolishness.


'I wish I had read David Le Vay's book before walking the GR10… It starts out in that [humorous] vein, but as the increasingly hairy hikers progress across the mountains, the writing becomes more introspective and, for me at least, more interesting. The real subject of the book is not the GR10, nor the Pyrenees, but the process of walking and the way it affects those who undertake it for long periods. It is also about walking with someone else for 7 weeks, which means living with them in difficult conditions: a delicate exercise.'

'This is a laugh out loud romp… their journey is highly entertaining… and enjoy the madcap adventures that eight weeks on the road with two blokes can bring!!'

Julie Knowles Waterstones' Bookseller

'David and his friend Rob decide to walk the famous GR10 hiking trail… The pair are fuelled by a degree of mid-life crisis and the need to escape from routine, so the two-month, 530-mile walk along the Grande Randonnée gives them a chance to have fun together, argue about snoring, discover lots of out-of-the-way places, meet characters from around the world, and grow beards. The book is a witty account of their adventures as they trek along the Pyrenees.'

Destination France

'This is the kind of adventure that many of us can identify with even if we wouldn't aspire to it… there is a human quality of damp undergarments and exhaustion, mingled with occasional hard-won triumphs and lots of cheap red wine, that makes this a very readable account of two men's attempt to re-live their youth and taste the freedom of the mountains and the open road… a test of their mettle, but this is a feel-good story with a gentle middle-aged happy ending.'

The Good Book Guide

'… a compelling and funny read… '

French Property News

'an entertaining account that covers every aspect of a mid-life crisis'

French Entrée