Mental Health Shelfie

We’ve been marking Mental Health Awareness Week this week with posts on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. One in four people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year, and it’s vital that we open ourselves up to discussing these issues, so we can ask for help when we need it and offer support to people around us who are coping with problems that may not be easy to see from the outside.

This Instagram shelfie shows a selection of our books covering mental health issues. From Wendy Green’s Anxiety: A Self-Help Guide to Feeling Better and Keith Souter’s Understanding and Dealing with Depression, to Emma Woolf’s Letting Go and Positively Primal, our list covers a huge range of topics. We also have books such as Mindfulness for Every Day and How to Be Confident, to help make everyday life that little bit easier and more enjoyable.


Finally, in The Other Side of Silence, psychiatrist Linda Gask recounts her experience of dealing with depression from both sides of the consulting room.

We are proud to publish books that help make people’s lives better, and we hope that their messages bring hope and comfort to readers everywhere.



From Friday 1st April 2016, please note Summersdale’s revised field sales team will be:

Key Accounts
Martin Palmer
Email: Mobile: 07990887175

Christine Edgeler
Email: Mobile: 07718750895

Mike Lapworth
Email: Mobile: 07745304088

Scotland and Northern England
Anna Murphy
Email: Mobile: 07825701450

South East
Colin Edwards
Email: Mobile: 07980568967

Wales and the South West
Ian Tripp
Email: Mobile: 07970450162

Butler Sims
Email: Tel: +353 (0)1406 3639

Jamie Denton in the South East, Victoria Hutton in London and Activated Ireland in Ireland continue to service the gift trade.

Summersdale’s distribution arrangement with Littlehampton Book Services remains unchanged.

For further information please contact David Edyvean: DD: 01243 756905.

Jungle is based on Summersdale title Lost in the Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe is set to star in an upcoming movie called Jungle, based on Lost in the Jungle, Yossi Ghinsberg’s thrilling account of trying to survive while lost in the Amazon.

Radcliffe said that he is “incredibly excited and honoured to have a role in furthering people’s awareness of what happened” to Ghinsberg and his fellow travellers.

“Their story is a truly remarkable one that sheds light on both harrowing and hopeful aspects of human nature,” he said. “It should be a very intense and physical shoot (obviously we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if it wasn’t) and I can’t wait to start work on it.”

Lost in the Jungle coverGhinsberg journeyed through the Amazon in 1982 after meeting a man who claimed to know where to find gold in an uncharted section of the expansive rainforest. The man’s promises turned out to be false, and Ghinsberg ended up alone for three weeks before being found and rescued.

Ghinsberg went on to write about his experience in a 2008 Summersdale title called Lost in the Jungle, which Jungle screenwriter Justin Monjo used as source material. Lost in the Jungle is being reissued as Jungle by Summersdale in 2017.

Alastair Williams, Managing Director of Summersdale, said, “We are thrilled that one of our most successful travel titles will soon be on the big screen. It will be exciting to see Daniel Radcliffe bringing Yossi’s adventures to an even wider audience.”

As Summersdale marks a quarter of a century in publishing, Alastair Williams, the company’s managing director and co-founder, looks back on the early days, Summersdales first premises, party crashing and how the business is adapting to today’s ever-changing publishing landscape.

Summersdale garden shed“Summersdale started out in a garden shed in Summersdale, on the outskirts of Chichester. Co-founder and old school friend Stewart Ferris and I had spent several amazing summers busking around Europe together, and returned with some great stories to tell, so Stewart wrote The Busker’s Guide To Europe. This was swiftly followed by my book The Student Grub Guide, which is still in print today.”

From the glamour of a garden shed, Summersdale moved to offices in West Street, Chichester, where the company still remains today, now with around 23 staff members. “Back then we often slept in the office after a day’s work as we couldn’t afford the rent on a home and an office,” Alastair says. “We repped our books from an old Post Office van, often immediately fulfilling any orders straight from the back of the van, carried in a rucksack! It was gruelling at times, but a great grounding in a business we knew very little about.”

Summersdale’s non-fiction list ranges from narrative travel, memoir, health and wellbeing to gift and humour. Today the company produces over 100 titles per year and has a backlist of over 700 titles. Summersdale’s vision is to continue to grow as a renowned producer of informative, entertaining and inspiring reads, stationery and gift books. The company attributes its strength to its ability to react nimbly to emerging trends, embrace new technologies and capitalise on new opportunities, whilst keeping its feet firmly on the ground.

Alastair is particularly grateful for the generosity and support he has experienced in the industry from day one: “I’m so grateful to those who have provided their wisdom and support to us over the years; and to some larger publishing players for the wonderful sustenance provided to us at book fairs and events both here and abroad… we went to some great parties, and some we weren’t strictly invited to!”

“After 25 years of hard graft and the occasional knock-back, I feel that Summersdale has finally come of age,’’ Alastair says. “We’re celebrating this milestone on such a positive note, with many great successes over the past few years particularly. I’m very proud of the company and everyone involved in its achievements.”

Timeline and Highlights

  • Summersdale Publishers is founded in 1990 by school friends Alastair Williams and Stewart Ferris.
  • The F in Exams series reaches over a million copies sold worldwide, 2013.
  • Summersdale is awarded IPG Trade Publisher of the Year 2014 and shortlisted for Independent Trade Publisher of the Year at The Bookseller Industry Awards both in 2014 and 2015.
  • A new UK trade sales partner, Simon & Schuster, is established in 2014.
  • The Huck & Pucker brand of innovative stationery and journals is launched in 2014.
  • Vie, a new health and well-being imprint, is launched in 2015.

Beth Miller, author of For the Love of The Archers, describes the challenge of writing a book about the nation’s favourite radio soap opera…

Beth Miller with her book at the launch partyCarefully, holding my breath, I dipped my quill into the ink* and formed the following words: ‘Brown Owl once had to “have a word” with Tilly Button.’ Sweat beaded my brow, but now there was no stopping me. On I went, tongue sticking slightly out of the corner of my mouth to aid concentration. ‘Honeysuckle Cottage has its own hot-tub,’ I wrote. And ‘Shula and Usha still struggle to be civil to each other.’ Days passed, but I barely noticed. At last, I pushed the parchment away. My work was done. Now all that remained was to face the scrutiny of thousands of Archers devotees.

Writing a book about an institution as loved (and venerable) as The Archers is a potential minefield. You can get facts wrong and you can inadvertently diss someone’s favourite character – and people will be quick to tell you when you do. It was great fun doing the research, though. A handy friend of mine remembers the details of all the major plotlines since Nelson Gabriel cut a dash in The Bull, and we had many a happy hour firming up facts. I still have the diagram she drew for me to explain Ed and Oliver’s complex business arrangements. The most difficult thing to find out was details of the ownership of the Dower House now that Matt has scarpered – and it turns out even the BBC aren’t clear about this.

So, the book’s out there now, and I’m excited to hear what readers think. I hope that reading it provokes plenty of debate (Is new Clarrie really old Clarrie? Why is Jill really so uncomfortable around the Fairbrothers? Just how many girlfriends does Kenton have in common with the late Sid Perks?). And I hope that reading it gives Archers fans as much enjoyment as I got from writing it.

* all right it was on a laptop but this sounds more romantic.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook for our Archers Week, 9-13 November! You can read more about Beth and her writing at her home page.