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Delve into the magickal world of spells and white witchcraft with this informative and friendly guide for baby witches

Calling all baby witches! Have you ever wanted to develop your intuitive powers to look into the future and manifest your dreams? Are you interested in learning how to harness the moon’s power to cast the most potent spells for love and happiness? Or maybe you’re just curious about all this witchy stuff and want to know more? If so, this journal is for you!

Find out what kind of witch you could be! Are you a celestial witch, who looks to the moon and stars for guidance? Are you a weather witch, who uses the power of the elements for the most potent spell-casting? Maybe you’re a divination witch, who can see the future in a black mirror? Or perhaps an earth witch, who enjoys a bubbling cauldron of herbal delights?

With easy-to-follow spells and rituals for every occasion, and grimoire pages to record the spells you have cast and any that you’ve devised yourself, this beautifully designed journal will set you on the path to discovering your true witchy self.