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Learn how to fret less and flourish more with this empowering guidebook, filled with helpful advice and practical exercises to boost your well-being and balance life’s ups and downs

Feeling better isn’t always about feeling good. It’s about feeling it all – happiness, sadness and everything in between. In You Can Flourish, Positive Psychology Practitioner Cheryl Rickman takes you step by step through simple exercises to help you better experience both the positive and negative in life, so you can thrive and grow.

Packed full of practical advice and encouraging words, this book provides a solid toolkit to help you move forward and ride the roller coaster of life as best you can. You’ll learn how to cultivate more Acceptance, Balance and Compassion (The ABC of Flourishing™) to better cope with the tough and build hope for the good.

With chapters on navigating your thoughts, feelings and actions, plus a handy planner to plot positive daily activities, this guide will boost your well-being and help you make changes that stick.