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“It’s cancer.”

Dr Philippa Kaye was 39 years old when she heard those dreaded words. The diagnosis of bowel cancer would change her life and mean crossing the divide from being a doctor to being a patient. She soon discovered that her years of training and experience had not prepared her for the realities of actually living with cancer.

Doctors Get Cancer Too tells Dr Kaye’s moving story of being on both sides of the desk, and shares the insights she gained not only through the diagnosis and treatment but in surviving and thriving through cancer and beyond. Filled with practical advice, this book aims to make patients and their loved ones feel better understood, more prepared and less alone, and to provide solace for anyone navigating their way through hard times.

Dr Philippa Kaye is a GP with a particular interest in children’s, women’s and sexual health. She has written multiple books on topics ranging from pregnancy and fertility to child health and child development, and she has a weekly column in Woman magazine as well as contributing to other magazines and newspapers. She has regularly been seen broadcasting on radio and television in programmes such as This Morning and The Victoria Derbyshire Show. She is also the GP ambassador for Jo’s Cervical Cancer trust. Her days are filled with a mix of general practice, media work and her other job – being a mum!


Dr Philippa tells you what it is like living with cancer from the unique position of both patient and doctor. Her diary is honest and heart-wrenching and yet there were still moments I found myself laughing along with her... definitely worth a read.
Holly Willoughby
It is a true act of bravery to so honestly depict the whirlwind of thoughts, emotions and feelings that Philippa shares in this most candid narration of a real-life cancer journey. Heart-breaking and enlightening, and reminds us of the vital importance of just sitting and holding the hands of our loved ones.
Dr Zoe Williams, GP, media doctor for This Morning and The One Show
This is a book about cancer but it is so very much more: it is about life, parenthood, relationships and everything that makes us human. Once I started reading I could not put it down. You will go on Philippa's journey with her, so vividly does she describe the emotional roller coaster that cancer brings. This book should be a must for all of us, not just for those whose lives have been touched by cancer.
Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE, GP, media doctor and medical reporter for The One Show
This is a warm, honest and witty account of a woman's journey though bowel cancer as a doctor and a patient. I couldn't put it down. I wish her advice had had been available when I was diagnosed myself
Liz O’Riordan, speaker, broadcaster and author
We all know someone with cancer, or have had it ourselves, but if you really want to know what they are going through then read Doctors Get Cancer Too. Dr Kaye will make you cry and laugh at her experiences on both sides of the doctor-patient divide. One not to miss.
Vanessa Feltz