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You know you’re having a senior moment when you decide it’s time to pull up your socks – and realize you forgot to put any on!

Age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel, but if you’re heading into your golden years and you’re certifiably “no spring chicken”, you might benefit from browsing through the pages of this tongue-in-cheek book to help you decide if your marbles just need a polish or you’ve well and truly lost them!

Inside you’ll find examples of classic “senior moments”, such as:

– Ringing a friend to ask them for their phone number.
– Getting annoyed at the fact that your all-in-one remote won’t open your garage door.
– Going to the store for milk and coming home with a new dog collar, rawl plugs, some plant pots that were on special offer… but no milk.
– Feeling frustrated by your computer’s instructions to “press any key”, when there’s no “Any” key on your keyboard.
With a sprinkling of reassuring quotes from fellow old-timers, this collection will help you see the funny side of getting older (but not necessarily wiser).