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Understand and overcome your health anxiety with this practical, supportive and easy-to-read guide

Everyone worries about their health sometimes, but if you find yourself constantly overwhelmed, How to Understand and Deal with Health Anxiety is here to help. This friendly, accessible guide has all the information and advice you need to identify the source of your struggles. By learning the science behind health anxiety and understanding how it affects your mind and body, you’ll start to gain control of it. With helpful tips, practical steps and actionable advice, this book will help you work out the best ways to spend less time worrying about your health, and more time living in the present moment.

By the end of this book, you will:
– Have a better understanding of what health anxiety is, how it manifests, what causes it, and how to identify symptoms and triggers
– Be armed with physical and practical steps you can take to alleviate health anxiety, from breathing exercises and coping mechanisms to healthy lifestyle choices
– Know about the medical treatments and therapies available, and how and when to seek professional help or support

With the right knowledge and guidance, you can learn to understand and manage your health anxiety so that you can get back to feeling like you again.