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From the co-author of the best-selling Running Made Easy, with a foreword by running legend Kathrine Switzer.

Lisa Jackson is a surprising cheerleader for the joys of running. Formerly a committed fitness-phobe, she became a marathon runner at 31, and ran her first 56-mile ultramarathon aged 41. And unlike many runners, Lisa’s not afraid to finish last – in fact, she’s done so in 20 of the 90-plus marathons she’s completed so far.

But this isn’t just Lisa’s story, it’s also that of the extraordinary people she’s met along the way – tutu-clad fun-runners, octogenarians, 250-mile ultrarunners – whose tales of loss and laughter are sure to inspire you just as much as they’ve inspired her. This book is for anyone who longs to experience the sense of connection and achievement that running has to offer, whether you’re a nervous novice or a seasoned marathoner dreaming of doing an ultra. An account of the triumph of tenacity over a lack of talent, Your Pace or Mine? is proof that running really isn’t about the time you do, but the time you have!


A hilarious yet deeply heart-warming read, this book proves that running is never just about the time you take, it's always also about the journey you've taken.
Tina Chantrey, Consultant Editor of Women’s Running UK and Shewhodaresruns blogger
Aimed at motivating absolutely everyone to become passionate about running - without worrying about whether they'll be any good at it - Lisa's inspirational book is sure to start a chat-running craze.
Justine Roberts, founder of Mumsnet and Gransnet
An honest, funny and inspiring read that brings a whole new meaning to the term "running naked"!
Joe Williams, co-founder and director of UKSportsChat
An inspiring tale that proves that anyone, anywhere, can become a runner.
Rick Pearson, Managing Editor of Men’s Running magazine
I absolutely adore Lisa's attitude and approach to running. She seems to look right through all the competitiveness that often surrounds marathons and embraces the pure pleasure of an event where people come together to push through physical limits and celebrate the joy of running.
Julia Buckley, author of The Fat Burn Revolution
I laughed and I cried along with Lisa as she recounts her journey from non-runner to ultramarathoner. It makes you proud to be part of the same community, and gives you hope of reaching your own personal goals.
Leanne Davies, owner and founder of Run Mummy Run
I've always been safe in the knowledge that any struggling runners I see will be scooped up by the wonderful, kind-hearted Lisa Jackson and will make it to the finish line. Now I hear the real stories of what goes on at the back of the pack where people are running with their hearts and not just their feet, I realise how much I've missed. Uplifting, wise and entertaining, this is the only book I've read about running that's made me want to slow down and not speed up!
Juliet McGrattan, GP, runner and health writer
If you ever wanted to run a marathon and didn't think you could, then have-a-go-heroine Lisa Jackson might inspire you to do just that and more! Read it, put your trainers on and 'run the dream' - you'll be a much better person for it.
Rory Coleman, holder of nine Guinness World Records, and veteran of 940 marathons, 235 ultramarathons and 12 Marathon des Sables
In this brilliant book Lisa lays bare, sometimes literally, her life as a runner. She explores the lessons running can teach us all with humour and humility; let her be your guide and get ready to feel inspired and fulfilled with every step you take.
Alison Hamlett, former North Pole Marathon world record holder, 25-time marathon finisher and author of Need to Know? Running
Like me, Lisa believes that the world is a community and we need each other. Her tales of the runners she's helped and been helped by during dozens of challenging marathons are incredibly moving.
Lornah Kiplagat, Kenyan-born multiple World Champion and three-time Olympian
Lisa calls running "'the most life-affirming sport", and this zestful romp of a book affirms life on every page. It's funny, wise, and full of vivid stories. Lisa claims to run slowly, but she writes with the spring and verve of a champion.
Roger Robinson, masters marathon champion, author of Running in Literature
Lisa might not be the fastest marathon runner in the world, or the most competitive, but she has to be one of the funniest. As a fiercely competitive runner myself, she's opened my eyes to the reason why I started running in the first place: running can be fun, something that sporting myopia had made me forget! This book takes you on Lisa's unique journey: you'll laugh, you'll cry and she'll be there every step of the way. She'll even don industrial amounts of Vaseline and run naked: what more could you ask for?
David Castle, Editorial Director, Wild Bunch Media
No one should feel scared to try running. Reading all of the personal stories in Lisa's entertaining book will encourage even more people to join the ever-growing running community. I promise you won't regret it.
Nell McAndrew, 2:54:39 marathon runner and author of Nell McAndrew’s Guide to Running
Playfulness and connecting with other runners are key to my approach to running - and to Lisa's, too. Your Pace Or Mine? is a fascinating account of all the fun that can be had on every run once you take the time to engage with the runners around you.
Robert Young aka Marathon Man UK, world record holder (370 marathons/ultras in 365 days, and the ‘longest known distance run in history’ – 373.75 miles) and winner of the 3,100-mile 2015 Race Across America
Running is the greatest metaphor for life and Lisa's book captures the essence of it beautifully. A must-read!
Elana Meyer, World Champion and Olympic silver medallist
Since meeting Lisa a decade ago, then reading her first book, Running Made Easy, and following her progress in her latest book, she's been a complete inspiration. I love the fact that she's a real, normal woman who proves that anything is possible if you want it enough. Thanks to Lisa's enthusiasm and encouragement I'm training for my first (half) marathon!
Gaby Huddart, Editor of Prima magazine
Thank you, Lisa, for this thoroughly enjoyable read. Your book is so full of anecdotes, interesting snippets, humorous moments and some wisdom about our amazing sport that I hardly noticed the time pass on my two-hour flight to Cape Town. Looking forward to volume two!
Bruce Fordyce, nine-time winner of South Africa’s Comrades ultramarathon
This book gives a voice to the many runners who've found salvation, incredible camaraderie, love and laughter through running. The descriptions of the shenanigans and struggles that go on in every race will amuse and amaze you. Your Pace Or Mine? proves that you don't have to be fast to find running fun.
Jo Pavey, four-time Olympian and 2014 European Championship gold medallist
Her book reminds us running isn't only for the fast
Sport Magazine
An inspiring book, especially for anyone who's thinking about running for the first time.
Red Magazine online
A glorious celebration of life on two feet and all we can learn from it. I defy anyone to read this without wanting to grab their trainers, dress up as a fairy, and find a friend to laugh away a run with.
Elizabeth Hufton, Editor of Women’s Running UK
A terrific insight into the strange and strangely beautiful mind of a runner. We've all been there... although most of us have kept our clothes on!
Phil Hewitt, author of Keep on Running
A truly inspirational read for runners of all levels. I cried, I laughed out loud, and then I couldn't wait to go for a run.
Sally Brown, journalist
A wonderfully written, inspirational and philosophical book, not just about running but also about life and the many challenges it can throw at us. Heartbreakingly sad in some chapters, hilarious in others, it's a great read. Lisa's amazing multiple marathon achievements and the life lessons she has gained make for compelling reading.
Christina Macdonald, Launch Editor of Women’s Running UK and author of Run Yourself Fit
Jackson reads like a barefoot romp in the park on a rainy day: refreshing, quirky, deeply insightful, and not afraid to get her feet dirty!
Lorraine Moller, Olympic medallist and Boston Marathon winner
Lisa Jackson has been there and got the running T-shirt, having experienced running highs and lows from every viewpoint. This book takes you on a running rollercoaster of Lisa's experiences and shows you why it's worth the journey.
Liz Yelling, two-time British Olympian and former training partner to Paula Radcliffe
Lisa's approach to life, marathon running and writing about marathon running is so joyful and infectious, it's impossible to resist. This book will inspire you to run 100 marathons and keep laughing every step of the way.
Rhalou Allerhand, Runner’s World UK Online News Editor
Lisa's book is a great read! It's not only inspirational but gives practical advice to aspiring marathoners and ultramarathoners.
Jeff Galloway, US Olympian, designer of the Run Walk Run Method
Lisa's book is a great read! It's not only inspirational but gives practical advice to aspiring marathoners and ultramarathoners.
Jeff Galloway, US Olympian, designer of the Run Walk Run Method
Lisa's book shows how amazing all of us who run really are: how running can take us to so many places inside ourselves - and around the world. And she really does want everyone to go out and experience some of those runs first hand.
Ultrarunner Pam Reed, veteran of over 100 marathons and eighty 100-milers
Love it! Whether you are a seasoned racer or nervous newbie you can't help but be inspired by Lisa. Her warm and honest storytelling will have you laughing and gasping in equal measure - and then you'll go out and put your running shoes on, which is what Lisa would want!
Danielle Sellwood, co-founder of Sportsister.com
The heartiest recommendation I can give for this glorious book is that having read it, I wanted immediately to go for a run, and to laugh while doing so. An absolute tonic - and a very funny read.
Paul Tonkinson, comedian and Runner’s World UK columnist
The often hilarious tale of Lisa, an adorable fruitcake of a runner: she's not fast, but she's fun, and behind the interesting hats and colourful gear is a girl of great determination and grit, who turns up marathon after marathon, and gets them done with a smile!
Traviss Willcox, Guinness World Record Holder and Chairman of the 100 Marathon Club
This isn't just a book, it's a community between the leaves. A community that spans the marathon cities, taking me on a roller-coaster tour.
Run Mummy Run Blog