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Tap into the energy of the universe and connect with your inner glow with this captivating guide to auras

Everyone emits an ethereal energy called an aura, a radiant force that reflects their emotional, mental and spiritual self. By harnessing this colourful energy, you can gain profound insights into the personalities and emotions of the people around you and deepen your spiritual connection. Delve into the mystical world of these auras and discover their role in the interconnected web of the universe with The Little Book of Auras.

Inside you will find:
– Practical guidance on how to recognize and cleanse auras, not just in yourself but also in others.
– A mesmerizing tour of the colours of auras, which will help you unravel their significance and learn how to interpret them.
– An exploration into how auras influence your relationships, offering advice on how to harmonize your aura with your loved ones.

With tips on meditation, energy work and other holistic practices that can help you maintain a healthy and vibrant aura, this is a perfect introduction to using your energy to enrich your daily life. Fine-tune your intuition, feel empowered and enjoy this colourful journey of self-discovery.