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Raise your vibration and attract positive experiences into your life with this beginner’s guide to harnessing the energy of the universe

Everything, including you, is made up of vibrational energy. By tuning into a higher frequency and raising your own vibration, you can start leading a happier, more purposeful life.

This pocket-sized book will be your go-to guide to unlocking the positive energy that surrounds us all the time. You will discover how cosmic energy affects your life and the role it plays in maintaining your overall health and happiness, as well as learn how to raise your own vibration.

Inside this book you will find:

· An overview of cosmic energy and the vibrations of the universe
· An exploration of the relationship between cosmic energy and chakras
· Advice on how to practise healing techniques, such as reiki, crystals, meditation and aura cleansing
· Tips on how to begin manifesting your best life

And much more!

It’s time to start tapping into the awesome power of the universe.