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Acknowledge your feelings and their origins, heal your wounds and understand who you truly are through the cathartic process of shadow work in this beautifully curated workbook

The idea of the “shadow” was first developed by psychologist Carl Jung in the twentieth century. He described the shadow as the disowned aspects of our personalities that we either subconsciously or intentionally repress.

This book will help you explore your life from all angles and shed light on its darker parts so that you can become your most authentic self. Via guided exercises and easy-to-follow advice you will discover:

– What shadow work is and why you should use it
– What the essential techniques of the therapy are and how you can apply them to your daily life
– How to connect with repressed experiences and difficult emotions, and challenge your inner critic
– How to love yourself unapologetically and move on from negative past experiences

It’s time to illuminate all aspects of yourself, to help you heal from past experiences and live a life that’s full of light.