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Do you ever feel seriously bored? This awesome activity book for puzzle-solving adults is here to inject some fun into your day!

When the weather’s miserable, there’s nothing good on TV and you’ve already spent the last two hours scrolling through the entirety of your social media feed, you need another way to entertain yourself. Luckily, this fun-filled puzzle book is packed with amusing activities and tremendous trivia designed to cure any case of boredom, whether mild, moderate or severe.

This book contains a whole host of activities, including crosswords, mazes, word searches, dot-to-dots, spot-the-differences and much more. And for the quiz lovers, there’s also plenty of fascinating trivia to boost your general knowledge and impress your friends.

So make yourself a hot drink and share a night in with Bored As F*ck Puzzle Book for a jam-packed session of quizzing and puzzle-solving. With this book’s entertaining and eclectic mix of games and puzzles, you’ll never again suffer another tedious afternoon of twiddling your thumbs.