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So this is surfing in Britain, I told myself as I grumpily walked up a slope of wet rocks and wispy beach grass, trying to keep a foothold as rain and wind both tried their utmost to send me skidding back down to the freezing beach below.

Tom Anderson has always loved surfing – anywhere except the UK. But a chance encounter leads him to a series of adventures on home surf… As he visits the popular haunts and secret gems of British surfing he meets the Christians who pray for waves (and get them), loses a competition to a non-existent surfer, is nearly drowned in the River Severn and has a watery encounter with a pedigree sheep. All this rekindles his love affair with the freezing fun that is surfing the North Atlantic.


Funny and Sharp, it's a great insight into what makes surfers in the UK so dedicated.
Surf Girl
Funny, humbling and actually pretty inspiring.
The vivid descriptions of grey skies and green waves, the freedom and the attitude of living life to the full combine to deliver a travel book with a twist and one that may have inspired a non-surfer to don a wetsuit and have a go,
Tom Anderson learns to love the freezing fun [Britain's] waters offer... this book records his adventures around country's chilly coast.
Waterstone's Books Quarterly
Featured on BBC Radio 4 - Excess Baggage
BBC Radio 4 - Excess Baggage