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Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul

Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul

Discover the joys and health-giving benefits of nurturing a garden

We have long been aware of the positive effects of spending time in nature and how it can be a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life. Science now tells us that cultivating a green space of our own can be restorative and even transformative for our physical and mental well-being, with a proven ability to reduce depression and anxiety, boost our happiness levels and provide a feeling of balance and calm.

Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul will help you:

– Explore which plants release scents to help uplift and soothe.
– Discover the ways gardening can boost physical and mental well-being, and promote feelings of balance and calm.
– Learn about birdsong and how it can boost happiness and creativity.
– Experience the wonders of growing plants from seeds, and how it teaches us to slow down and appreciate the simple things.
Mindfulness for Every Day

Mindfulness for Every Day

Peace. Serenity. Joy.
Just a few moments of mindful thought can bring you contentment that will last all day. Let these calming mantras, simple tips and beautiful images soothe your mind, help you let
go of stress and anxiety, and feel true appreciation for the here and now.
The Mindfulness Journal

The Mindfulness Journal

Mindfulness is a journey, and even the best explorers need a little guidance along the way

Filled with contemplative quotes, centering statements and simple exercises, this journal guides you to daily mindfulness, allowing you to truly live in the present moment. Taking you through different aspects of your life, these pages will help you find the peace in every day and truly embrace all that life has to offer.
Mindfulness in Your Pocket

Mindfulness in Your Pocket

Take a little mindfulness with you wherever you go

Filled with practical tips, tranquil statements and helpful suggestions for soothing activities, this beautiful pocket-sized book will provide you with everything you need to fill your days with gratitude and peace.
The A-Z of Mindfulness

The A-Z of Mindfulness

Appreciate the little things
Believe in your personal power
Connect with nature

Squeeze every drop out of each moment and live life to the full by discovering the art of mindfulness. Learn new ways to connect with yourself and the world around you and reignite a sense of wonder in the everyday with this practical ABC of illustrated tips for mindful living.
Mindfulness for Mums

Mindfulness for Mums

Calm. Composed. Compassionate.
Just a few moments of mindful thought can bring you contentment that will last all day. Let these calming mantras, simple tips and beautiful images soothe your mind, help you let go of stress and anxiety, and feel true appreciation for the here and now.
How to Quieten Your Mind

How to Quieten Your Mind

Inner peace is within your reach

A busy mind is one of the hazards of modern-day life, and it can be a huge drain on your energy and well-being. But be assured: whether you find it difficult to keep unwanted thoughts at bay or you’ve just got a hundred and one things to think about, there are ways to relax and unwind that can be learned, practised and perfected.

Filled with helpful tips, soothing statements and calming activities, How to Quieten Your Mind will put you back in the driving seat and help you to feel relaxed, more in control and at peace with yourself.
How to Be Mindful

How to Be Mindful

Say hello to a new, mindful you
Would you like to feel less stressed, live more calmly and be more content? The simple ideas that mindfulness teaches can help you achieve all these things, by allowing you to live in the moment and embrace all that life has to offer.  
Bursting with tips, centring statements and activities, How to Be Mindful will provide you with everything you need to make every day full of gratitude and peace.
The Mindfulness Activity Book

The Mindfulness Activity Book

Take a moment to unwind with this activity book, packed with calming puzzles, breathing exercises and colouring pages
The wonderful thing about mindfulness is there are so many ways to practise it, and it’s no surprise that colouring and puzzle-solving have become favourite relaxation techniques for many. Filled with suitably soothing activities designed to focus your attention and free your mind of worry, this book contains 177 therapeutic puzzles, as well as breathing exercises, colouring pages and positive mantras to help you find your zen.
Discover crosswords, mazes, word searches, dot-to-dots and much more, each providing the perfect break from your day-to-day hassles. And it’s not just stress relief – solving puzzles is also believed to improve your memory, increase productivity and boost your mood. 
If you’ve had a long day, The Mindfulness Activity Book may be just what you need to wind down, allowing you to become fully absorbed in the present moment.
Be Kind to Your Mind

Be Kind to Your Mind

Give your mind a little TLC

When our bodies aren’t on top form, we rest and take care of them – but we often don’t do the same for our minds. Whether it’s because we don’t know where to start, or because it never feels like a high enough priority, carving out time and space to care for our mental health can be hard.

But it needn’t be. With bite-sized tips and practical advice, this book makes self-care simple and achievable. From finding calm and thinking positively, to stress-busting and balancing your life, everything you need to know about taking care of you is wrapped up in this handy pocket guide, and will give you the tools to help you feel your best.
365 Days of Mindful Meditations

365 Days of Mindful Meditations

Through a series of simple tips and calming quotes, this little book will be your guide to finding moments of mindfulness 365 days of the year.

In a world that’s busier and more demanding than ever, emotional self-care has never been more important.

Mindfulness is a practice that trains the brain to focus on the present moment, and meditation is a means of quietening the mind. When used together, these techniques can bring calm to your day, help you to face challenging situations, improve your health and wellbeing and enrich your life experiences.

Within these pages you’ll find:
– Practical tips to help you create moments of stillness
– Simple meditation and breathing exercises to help reduce stress and anxiety
– A raft of calming quotes to promote peace in your heart and soul
With 365 Days of Mindful Meditations you can find time for mindfulness every day and live well all year round.
Mindfulness for Every Day

Mindfulness for Every Day

Pause. Be present. Awaken your senses. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help you live in the moment. This book will show you how to find peace every day and feel more connected to the world.

For many of us, mindful living can seem like something that exists only in other people’s lives. But the good news is anyone can practise it. Whether you’re new to mindfulness or need some extra inspiration, this book will help you find a path to a happier, healthier life.

Within these pages you will discover what mindfulness is and how it can be used in all aspects of your life, including:
– Breathing techniques to stay calm
– Eliminating distractions when you need to focus
– Appreciating the magical moments of the ordinary
– Practising self-care for improved well-being

From discovering your calm within to learning how to meditate, the tips and techniques in this book will help you feel more at one with yourself.

Open your mind… relax… and let this little guide show you how to live more mindfully.
The Little Book of Daily Rituals

The Little Book of Daily Rituals

Discover the restorative wonders of daily rituals

A ritual is an act of self-care that’s carried out mindfully, and with reverence: a gratitude ritual to relive the high points of your day; a ritual for self-expression to free unexpressed emotions; a candle ritual to focus your mind on peace.

With over 80 guided practices to choose from, there is something in this book for every intention. Whether you want to reflect, to recharge your batteries, or rekindle your motivation, you will find the perfect ritual to refresh your mind, body and spirit.
The Little Box of Mindful Meditations

The Little Box of Mindful Meditations

A deck of 52 beautiful cards featuring mini meditations you can fit into your busy day, inspiring affirmations to repeat aloud, and soothing quotations from wise souls. The box also includes a booklet on mindfulness and a stand for displaying the cards.

You don’t need long hours of silence to feel the benefits of mindful meditation. There are so many little moments throughout the day when you can pause, be present and find peace within. Whether your goal is to dial down your stress levels or refresh your outlook on life, the journey begins with this box.

Alongside a pocket-sized booklet covering the essentials of mindfulness and mindful meditation, this box contains a set of 52 beautifully designed cards, each with a brief meditation on one side and either a calming affirmation or a wise quotation on the reverse.

Each card can be displayed individually using the wooden stand, allowing you to bring tranquil inspiration to any shelf, windowsill, desk or side table.

This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to bring a sense of peacefulness and presence into their daily lives.

– The box includes 52 individual cards, a 16-page booklet and a high-quality wooden stand
– Choose to display a mindful meditation, a soothing affirmation or an inspiring quote
– Beautifully presented and featuring bespoke card designs
Mindfulness for Every Day Journal

Mindfulness for Every Day Journal

Awaken your senses and learn to be present with this guided journal, filled with activities and inspiration for finding peace in every day

In a busy, high-pressure world it can be difficult to live in the moment. Mindfulness can help you become more aware of your surroundings, enabling you to immerse yourself fully in your everyday experiences.

This journal is full of essential tools to calm the mind and help you find joy in the smallest of pleasures. With a variety of activities to complete, this journal takes you on a mindfulness journey, aiming to integrate essential self-care practices into everyday life. Get to know yourself on a deeper, more meaningful level, while developing a greater appreciation of the present.

Inside you will find:
– Techniques to stay mindful in everyday life
– Space for self-reflection
– Practical tips on staying present
– Uplifting affirmations to bring joy to every day
Your mindfulness journey begins here.
Positively Primal

Positively Primal

What if life could be simpler and slower, purer and more primal?

What if we had more time to gaze out of the window or walk barefoot in the grass, to cook with fresh ingredients, to spend time with friends and family, to create and invent and explore… what if we made real, human company a priority over digital distraction and virtual reality?

Our world of constant connection can leave us feeling disconnected and dissatisfied; the more time we spend looking at our screens, the less our real lives make sense. Positively Primal is a rallying cry for a more human-friendly, earth-friendly existence, drawing on everything from modern science to ancient philosophy, contemporary culture to common sense.

This book will take you on a journey to reconnect with the natural world around you and with the food you eat, to rediscover your body’s fitness and strength, to improve relationships with yourself and others, and to find fulfilment in work. Positively Primal is a greener, cleaner pathway to a healthier lifestyle for you, body and soul.
The Little Book of Mindfulness

The Little Book of Mindfulness

Learn to savour every moment, notice and appreciate the little things, and discover contentment and gratitude with a more mindful approach to life.

Packed with simple, easy-to-follow tips and calming quotes by writers and philosophers, this is your essential guide to feeling good and living well.
Your Mind Matters

Your Mind Matters

Talking about your mental health is one of the most important steps you can take towards better well-being, but for many people this can seem daunting.

For anyone struggling to initiate the conversation, Your Mind Matters is here to end the stigma around mental health and help you communicate how you’re feeling.

With tips on understanding your own mental health as well as reaching out to others, this book is filled with kind words and thoughtful advice on how to look after your mind.

Topics covered include:
– Anxiety, stress and depression
– Suicidal thoughts
– Mindfulness and self-care
– Opening up about your mental health
– Seeking further support

Whatever your situation, this friendly and approachable guide is here to remind you that your feelings are valid and it’s okay to ask for help. Whether you’re trying to build up your confidence or looking for the right words to say, this book will provide you with the tools you need to start the conversation.
How to Be Body Confident

How to Be Body Confident

A guided journal for learning to fully love and accept yourself as you are

There are so many things to celebrate about your body. Just think of everything it’s got you through – the happy times and the challenges – and all the wonderful things it enables you to do each day. Sometimes, it’s important to be reminded that your body is uniquely yours, and that’s what makes it so special.

This beautiful guided journal is here to help you shed body shame for good, so that you can feel confident in yourself every day. By engaging with the tips and activities inside, you’ll learn how to see your body in a different light, quit negative self-talk and start speaking to yourself with love and kindness.

By encouraging you to wholly embrace yourself, this empowering guide promotes changing your attitude rather than changing your body. So whatever your shape or size, this book reassures you that all bodies are good bodies, and yours is perfect as it is.
The Little Book of Yoga

The Little Book of Yoga

Delve into this inspiring introduction to the ancient practice of yoga and learn all you need to know to energize your body, mind and spirit every day

There are plenty of reasons to try yoga – it can strengthen your body, soothe your soul, reduce stress and much more! This easy-to-digest guide has plenty of simple tips and helpful advice to get you started on your yoga journey.

Whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced yogi, the teachings in these pages are suited to a range of abilities and offer the benefits of yoga to everyone. Packed with a variety of poses broken down into step-by-step instructions, this little book contains all the information you need to live with more peace, balance and freedom.

This book includes:

– Simple breathing exercises to increase energy, focus and mindfulness
– Step-by-step guidance on a variety of yoga sequences including sun salutations, standing and seated poses
– Uplifting quotations to inspire positive thinking
Be inspired to enjoy all that’s best about an AWESOME YOGA LIFESTYLE.
The Little Book of Ayurveda

The Little Book of Ayurveda

Make your well-being a priority and embrace your connection to the world around you with the help of this beginner’s guide to Ayurveda

Originating in India, the holistic therapy of Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. Based on the principle that illness and disease are caused by an imbalance between mind, body and spirit, Ayurveda offers a comprehensive approach to finding balance with an emphasis on a healthy diet combined with regular exercise, meditation and yoga.

The Little Book of Ayurveda will introduce you to the benefits of this ancient practice so you can uplift your mind and body with simple lifestyle changes to help you achieve balance.
Inside you will find:

An accessible and enlightening overview of Ayurveda
A wide range of Ayurvedic self-care rituals and techniques
Practical advice for introducing Ayurveda into your day-to-day life
Ways for you to create a habit of self-care to help you be the best you can be

Unlock the powers of Ayurveda and begin your journey towards a healthier you.
The Little Book of Chakras

The Little Book of Chakras

Restore your spiritual balance and unleash the healing powers you never knew were inside you

Chakras are your body’s spiritual centres of vibrant, healing energy, and with the right tools you can tap into their power to regain mental, emotional and physical health. This beginner’s guide explains the seven major chakras in the system, from root to crown, and the physical function and emotional and spiritual aspects of each. Discover the ways to awaken each one and how to channel their energy for optimum health, well-being and balance.

Exploring the mental and physical aspects of each chakra, the chapters inside this book reveal how diet, yoga and meditation can bring balance and harmony to your daily life. To complete this holistic treatment, the sections on crystals and essential oils show further ways of boosting vitality and cleansing mind, body and spirit. Let the information in these pages be the starting point on your path to effective chakra healing.
365 Days of Yoga

365 Days of Yoga

Inhale calm, exhale your cares…

Find inspiration for your yoga practice every day with this book of uplifting quotations, mindfulness techniques and step-by-step guidance on the best-loved yoga poses to engage and energize both mind and body all year round.
How to Be Calm

How to Be Calm

Calmness is within your reach.

With a little bit of help, the methods of truly relaxing your mind and body, of letting go of stresses and strains, can be learned, practised and perfected.

Bursting with tips, centring statements and soothing activities, How to Be Calm will help you to feel more at ease in the world and better equipped to deal with the things that really matter.
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