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Your life is about to change forever, yet the amount of information out there can be overwhelming. But fear not: this pictorial guide, packed with accessible and stylish infographics, will help you to get up to speed and give you all the essential facts you need, as well as a healthy dose of quirky trivia along the way.
From finding out what’s going on inside a pregnant woman’s body to understanding the various cravings she might experience, this book offers both women and men a quick route to knowing exactly what to expect while you’re expecting.
Pregnancy for Dads-to-Be

Pregnancy for Dads-to-Be

So, it’s happened! You’re going to be a dad and you’re at the start of an amazing journey.
It’s hard to know what to expect and how to prepare, but remember: you’re not alone, and every father before you has shared the same doubts and fears.
Packed with jargon-free information, tips and advice, from the month-by-month development of your baby to how to support your partner during the birth and beyond, this accessible book will help you understand the whole process of pregnancy, and plan for the weeks ahead.
Pregnancy Made Simple

Pregnancy Made Simple

Pregnancy is exciting for new parents-to-be
Your life is about to change forever, yet the amount of information out there can be overwhelming. But fear not: this practical pictorial guide, packed with accessible and stylish infographics, will help you to get up to speed and give you all the essential facts you need, as well as a healthy dose of quirky trivia along the way.
From finding out what’s going on inside a pregnant woman’s body to understanding the various cravings she might experience, this book offers both women and men a quick route to knowing exactly what to expect while you’re expecting.
The Dos and Don'ts of Pregnancy

The Dos and Don'ts of Pregnancy

Confused about what’s good and bad for you and your baby?

With the constant bombardment of what you can and can’t do during pregnancy, parents-to-be can often feel stressed at a time which should be full of new and exciting discoveries. This concise and accessible book is packed with practical advice and offers straight forward answers to the questions that you are unsure about from conception to birth, including guidance on:
-Diet and exercise
– Safety in the workplace
– Common complaints
– Potential problems
– Physical changes
– Labour
The New Parents' Survival Guide

The New Parents' Survival Guide

No matter how much you long for and plan for a baby, no one is quite prepared for the impact their new arrival has on their life. Babies have a habit of not behaving the way the textbooks say they should; this book tells you what you can REALLY expect in the first three months. The New Parents’ Survival Guide is packed with practical advice and bite-sized tips on how to deal with common problems you are likely to encounter, including how to:
Care for your newborn Solve the breast versus bottle dilemma Overcome breastfeeding woes Calm your crying baby Solve sleep issues Manage minor ailments Take good care of yourself
The New Parents' Survival Guide

The New Parents' Survival Guide

No matter how much you long for and plan for a baby, no one is quite prepared for the impact their new arrival has on their life. Learn to thrive (not just survive!) during the early months of parenthood with this guide, which is packed with practical advice and bite-sized tips.

– Care for and bond with your newborn
– Advice on breast- and bottle-feeding
– Supportive guidance on common breastfeeding concerns
– Ways to soothe your crying baby
– Baby sleep tips
– Manage your baby’s minor ailments
– Essential self-care for mums and dads

If you read only one parenting book, let this be it.
New Old-Fashioned Parenting

New Old-Fashioned Parenting

There’s been a revolution in the family; it’s now all about the kids.
We’ve moved on from children being ‘seen and not heard’, but we’re now plagued with the worry of ending up with ‘that child’ – the one who’s running amok and is ill-prepared for life.
This book combines contemporary and traditional childrearing methods, bringing fresh thinking to some of the essential parenting issues of our time:
• Managing screen use
• Encouraging independence
• Finding the balance between school and play
• Compromising between parenting that’s pushy and not involved enough
• Establishing the ‘best of both worlds’ approach that
works in the modern world for modern families.
In this manifesto of new old-fashioned parenting there’s no pandering, no spoiling, and definitely no dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets at dinner time.
5-Minute Parenting Fixes

5-Minute Parenting Fixes

We all have busy lives but want to be the best parent to our child, without compromise.
Many of us turn to the internet when we want a snap answer to a parenting dilemma, but how do we determine what is reliable information? This book is the antidote to those overwhelming search engine results. It’s a one-stop source for time-poor parents who need reliable, tried and tested advice on all the parenting conundrums from classic to topical, such as:
What’s the best way to encourage good behaviour? How can I ensure my child has a healthy body image. How can I ensure they do their homework with minimal fuss? How can I get my children to play nicely together instead of fight? With no-nonsense solutions, each designed to be read in less than 5 minutes, this book will help to boost your confidence when making important parenting decisions.
You the Daddy

You the Daddy

“By far the best parenting book for dads-to-be” – Dadsnet

Welcome to the hands-on dad’s guide to fatherhood – for anyone who’s embarking on the rollercoaster ride of parenting but doesn’t know where to begin

Split into digestible chapters, this book provides practical and easy-to-follow advice on every stage of pregnancy, birth and the early years of parenthood – up until your baby’s three – including essentials such as:

– Supporting your partner as she grows a baby
– Preparing for your new arrival
– Being the best birth partner you can be
– A step-by-step guide to life with a newborn
– The journey of your child’s development and advice on raising well-rounded toddlers
– Looking after your mental health while providing for your family

Expectations of new dads and the roles we play have never been greater. This is a life-changing time for you and your partner and the prep work starts now.
The Friendship Maze

The Friendship Maze

Friendship battles among children have existed since the words ‘you can’t play with us’ were first uttered in the playground.
But the worry is that today it seems there is no minimum age limit to being hurtful to others. Unkind or exclusive behaviour appears to be starting sooner than ever – even in nursery school – and continues throughout the school system. As a result, friendship issues top the list of parents’ concerns, and, from the other side of the school gates, they can often feel powerless.

This book will change that as parenting writer Tanith Carey analyses the increasingly complex social pressures changing the face of childhood, having drawn on extensive research on children’s friendships, from toddlers to teens. She offers practical solutions for building your child’s social skills for a happier, more carefree childhood, including how to:
– Help your child deal with classroom and social media politics.
– Inoculate your child against the effects of peer-group pressure, cliquiness and exclusion.
– Learn what’s really going on in your child’s social circle.
– Bully-proof your child throughout school.
– Work out when to step in and step out of your child’s conflicts.
– Help your child make friends if they are stuck on the sidelines.

The Friendship Maze is suitable for ages three to sixteen.
7 Secrets of Raising Girls Every Parent Must Know

7 Secrets of Raising Girls Every Parent Must Know

Never before have parents been under so much pressure to produce confident, happy and successful daughters, but the new and unexpected challenges of parenting in the digital age can be overwhelming.
Based on 7 timeless secrets to equip for life, 7 Secrets of Raising Girls Every Parent Must Know offers a fresh, positive and practical approach to the pleasures and pitfalls of parenting a daughter from birth onwards. With easy-to follow advice, quotes and tips from parents and daughters, this indispensable guide will help you navigate the tricky stuff and show you how to leave your daughter with a legacy of values you’re proud of.
Author Judy Reith shares her best secrets from her own experience of raising three daughters combined with 15 years of coaching parents. Plus, you’ll hear some good old-fashioned parenting wisdom and wit from Judy’s mum, ‘Marmar’, also a mother of three daughters.
It's Twins! Now What?

It's Twins! Now What?

Whether twins are a delightful surprise or a bolt from the blue, one thing is certain: your life will never be the same again. Packed with tips and anecdotes from fellow parents of twins, as well as advice from professionals, this go-to guide will help you prepare for, survive and enjoy your first year with twins.
Provides tips on all the essential topics, including:
► Preparing for the arrival of your twins
► Premature birth
► Identical twins
► Establishing healthy sleep and feeding routines
► Getting out and about
► Twin health and development
► What it means to be a twin
And much more!
Commando Dad: Mission Adventure

Commando Dad: Mission Adventure

Rally the troops – it’s time for adventure!
Ex-Commando and dad of three Neil Sinclair follows his bestselling parenting manual Commando Dad: Basic Training with this book bursting with ideas for getting active with your kids.
Suitable for children aged 4 and up, this fully illustrated field guide is packed with dozens of missions for you and your troops to enjoy, including:
Make a rope swing Navigate by the stars Build a natural lean-to shelter Make indoor rain Learn to tie knots All with expert advice and carefully drafted mission briefs to make sure you get the most out of your time together.
Discover the tried-and-tested Commando Dad approach to parenting and teach your young troopers to be the best they can be!
Commando Dad

Commando Dad

As used by Prince William himself, here’s the basic training manual for fatherhood recruits!

Attention! In your hand is an indispensable training manual for new recruits to fatherhood. Written by ex-Commando and dad of three Neil Sinclair, this manual will teach you, in no-nonsense terms, all the practical skills you need to be a top-ranking parent.

Packed with easy-to-follow advice and Commando Dad Top Tips, this book will teach you how to be the ultimate protector to your newest recruit. As any Commando Dad knows, with the right preparation and planning, anyone can parent with military precision.

In less time than it takes to shine your boots, learn how to:

– Survive the first 24 hours
– Prepare and Plan to Prevent Poor Parental Performance
– Maintain morale in the ranks
– Establish standing orders and implement daily routines
– Feed, clothe and entertain your troops
– Transport the troops successfully on manoeuvres
– Pack a survival kit for everything from light missions to long-term deployments
– Recognize common trooper ailments
– Keep base camp tidy and square away tasks along the way
And much, much more.

Let training commence!
Guilt-Free Mum

Guilt-Free Mum

Let go of mum guilt and enjoy the first years of motherhood with the help of this self-care support guide

Sleepless nights, endless feeding and the constant whir of the washing machine are often what you expect when you become a mum – and on top of all that, there’s “mum guilt”. Often born from the unrealistic expectation of the “perfect” mother, mum guilt is the term given to the feelings of inadequacy that women experience in relation to their children and their parenting choices.

This is where Guilt-Free Mum comes in; it’s time to reject the notion of the perfect parent and start being kind to yourself. Learn to allay those fears that you are falling short of expectations and give yourself a break!

Inside you will find:
– Top tips and techniques on how to overcome mum guilt
– A multitude of simple ways to inject self-care into a busy schedule
– Case studies from other new mums on how they overcame their anxieties
– Empowering quotes to inspire and motivate

You don’t have to achieve perfection to be an amazing mother because you already are!
100 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

100 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

Sleep is probably the topic that preoccupies parents of babies and young children more than any other.

Sleep is essential for the physical and psychological health of your baby, and for the well-being of the whole family. This accessible no-nonsense guide will help you to establish positive sleep habits and put good practices into place for your baby from the first few weeks. With supportive advice arranged into simple but informative tips, including:
– Understanding how babies sleep
– Teaching the difference between night and day
– Learning about sleep cycles and rhythms
– How to establish an effective bedtime routine
– Discovering how developmental changes can affect your baby’s sleep
– Tried and trusted ways to teach your baby to self-settle
– Establishing consistency with daytime naps
– Quick trouble-shooting tips in a bonus chapter


‘Here again, Mr Cossey?’ asked the young Spanish embryologist, shooting me a welcoming smile as I followed him down the corridor. He had recognised me by sight and that wasn’t good. I was now the one thing you don’t want to be in a fertility clinic.

A regular.

Martha wanted a baby. Mark wanted a baby. What’s the worst that could happen?

In four years of baby-making boot camp, Mark and Martha face The Calendar, the joy of sober, scheduled sex, hostile cervical mucus, IUI and IVF. Through a combination of ignorance and outrage, Mark survives ejaculating into a small jar, stabbing his wife, having his sperm turned pink and group sex with whales.

Written with genuine laugh-out-loud humour and complete honesty, Trying is a noholds-barred welcome to the world of the infertile written by a man who has lived through it all and come through with his ultimate dream realised – his own family.

It says a lot when you can call two years of sleepless nights a happy ending.
So You're a Grandparent!

So You're a Grandparent!

It’s the best of times and the worst of times. You’re welcoming a new addition to the family, but you’re now officially old. You’re also an eternal babysitter. On the plus side, you can enjoy spoiling the little darlings rotten and hand them back at the end of the day before the nappies start overflowing.
How to Unplug Your Child

How to Unplug Your Child

This sanity-saving collection of ideas and inspiration will help your children swap the screen for the sunshine and start getting more out of life. Split into bite-sized chapters, from fun indoors to activities on the go, food and cooking to science and nature, this book is packed with activities for all ages of children from preschoolers to even the most jaded, screen-obsessed teens and the kid in all of us too. How to Unplug Your Child will give you and your kids a host of things to do after school, at the weekend and during those long holidays.
Baby Tips for Grandparents

Baby Tips for Grandparents

The nine months is up and the new baby is finally here! But what do you do when your darling child calls to ask you to play babysitter?
You’ve been through it all before and then some, but with the help of this quirky little book you’ll be sailing through those unexpected play dates with your nerves and your furniture intact.
With top tips on navigating the new grandparental responsibilities and pithy one-liners about the truths of grandparenting, Baby Tips for Grandparents is the perfect gift for any new nan or grandad.  
My Mini Midwife

My Mini Midwife

Ever wished your midwife lived next door so you could ask her for answers to your questions as soon as they came to mind? My Mini Midwife, by experienced midwife and lecturer D. J. Kirkby, is here to reassure you and provide all the guidance you need, anytime and anywhere. This handy and authoritative book gives clear answers to confusing questions, covering everything from conception to delivery and beyond: it will be invaluable for anyone who is planning or expecting a baby.
Mother Power

Mother Power

Know and grow your power as a mother with this honest, guilt-free parenting guide that champions your own needs and well-being as well as those of your children

The journey of motherhood is a physical and emotional rollercoaster, and there’s often little or no time to stop and consider your own needs, at least not without feeling guilty about it. This is where Mother Power comes in – a reassuring parenting guide that’s always in your corner.

This wake-up call for mums everywhere will demonstrate how looking after your own well-being can make you a better parent. Fully embrace motherhood, find your flow and unlock your greatness – thrive not just survive! – with these simple rules:
– Honour your own needs with a positive, guilt-free attitude to self-care
– Trust your gut when it comes to knowing what’s best for your child
– Stop comparing yourself, your children and your parenting style to the toxic messages you find online
– Grow your support network of honest mums
– Set a positive example of self-care to your child for their future lives and relationships
How to Support Your Anxious Child

How to Support Your Anxious Child

A gentle, practical guide for parents and carers of anxious children who are finding it difficult to navigate their child’s worries

Children are often reluctant to speak about their worries or don’t have the language to articulate them. This makes it difficult to know how serious their concerns are and how you can support them. A child’s worries can also be projected onto the caregiver, which can create a cycle of anxiety in the relationship.

This guide offers quick-to-action parenting solutions, effective coping strategies and simple lifestyle changes to help you help your child. With these tools, your child will be able to express their feelings and manage their anxiety by building resilience and self-confidence for life.

Inside this book, you will learn how to:
· Identify the source of your child’s anxiety
· Help your child practise calming techniques when they feel anxious
· Teach your child simple relaxation exercises
· Instil good habits in your child’s routine, including better sleep and diet
· Know when to seek support
Pocket Commando Dad

Pocket Commando Dad

Let training commence

Attention! In your hand is an indispensable pocket-sized training manual for new dads. Written by ex-Commando and father of three Neil Sinclair, this no-nonsense guide will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for your biggest mission yet: parenthood. With step-by-step advice and Commando Dad Top Tips, this book will ensure you’re ready to parent with military precision.

Learn how to:
– Prepare base camp for your baby trooper’s arrival
– Survive the first 24 hours
– Establish feeding and sleeping routines
– Pack a survival kit for everything from light missions to long-term deployments
– Transport the troops successfully on manoeuvres
– Treat ailments and injuries with basic first-aid training
– Keep base camp tidy and square away tasks along the way
– Maintain morale in the ranks
And much, much more.

Designed to be used in the field from birth to 12 months, this resource provides the foundation to all the practical skills needed to become the ultimate protector to your newest trooper. As used by Prince William himself, this is the go-to training manual for fatherhood recruits!
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