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The Conspiracy Theorist's Puzzle and Activity Book

The Conspiracy Theorist's Puzzle and Activity Book


Jamie King

Price and format

This captivating collection of puzzles and trivia, exploring the world’s weirdest events and crazy conspiracies, is sure to set your mind reeling

Test your knowledge of US presidents with fiendish trivia questions
Solve clues to discover how the CIA allegedly control their subjects
Help the reptilian find the right path to its royal throne

Discover some of the most perplexing mysteries that have bewildered humankind for centuries! Dive deep into this entertaining book, where the most enduring conspiracy theories are reimagined as puzzles.

From crosswords and counting conundrums to spot the differences and sudoku, whether you’re a sceptic or a self-confessed conspiracy obsessive, there’s plenty in these pages to sharpen your mind and have you believing the impossible.

Inside you will find a variety of puzzles, including:
– Spot the difference between two Illuminati symbols
– Find the names of the politicians who are secretly controlling us within word searches
– Shuffle the letters of anagrams to identify the names of paranormal beings
– Figure out what happened during the most mysterious unexplained events throughout history
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