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Seek the truth at the heart of the world’s most bizarre cases in this chilling collection of unsolved mysteries

Did you hear about the woman who died inside a tree?

What about the legend of the Beast of Bodmin Moor?

Do you know that UFOs flew over Belgium?

Intriguing, captivating and downright bizarre, this heart-pounding collection of unexplained events is guaranteed to keep you up at night. Throughout history, unsolved mysteries have left us searching for answers.

Baffling stories of strange happenings and seemingly supernatural events mean we are terrified of what we can’t understand. Theories and folklore surround these events, but as we look for a rational explanation, perhaps the truth might be even more sinister.

Learn about the world’s most elusive secrets, and how people have attempted to explain them. Unsolved Mysteries includes:
– Strange disappearances
– Suspicious deaths
– Ghosts and hauntings
– Mystifying landmarks
– UFO sightings
– Mythical beasts

Dive into this peculiar collection of cold cases and paranormal events and see if you can uncover the “truth”.