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If you want to know your ichthyosaur from your iguanodon, and your belemnites from your brachiopods, strap in for this whirlwind tour of the highlights of palaeontology

Life as we know it now has a long history, buried beneath the ground. Palaeontology is the science of fossilized animals and plants, using discoveries of ancient lifeforms to uncover secrets of the past. From giant dinosaurs, to ammonites, to the first ever humans, explore the greatest findings in palaeontology in this pocket-sized introduction.

The Little Book of Palaeontology includes:
– The key palaeontological discoveries over the past 400 years, including the dinosaur found complete with intricate scales, and the largest fossil ever uncovered
– Profiles of influential palaeontologists such as Jack Horner, Dong Zhiming and Mary Anning
– What we have learnt about the lives of ancient creatures and how they became extinct
– The big questions about the prehistoric world that palaeontologists are trying to answer today

This illuminating little book will introduce you to the key thinkers, themes and theories you need to know to understand how life evolved. Look through this window to the past and learn about our prehistoric ancestors and the creatures of a bygone age.