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Build your self-esteem, grow your confidence and rediscover your sense of self with this empowering and practical 30-step journal for women
“Who am I?”
The more confidently you are able to answer this question, the higher your levels of happiness, self-esteem and personal growth tend to be. However, in a world that still socializes women to build their lives around other people, many of us don’t have an answer.
This 30-step journal will take you on a unique and personal journey to discover who you are and who you want to be. Within these pages you’ll find:

· A structured approach to self-discovery that builds from step 1 to step 30
· Interactive and creative CBT-based activities to nurture your relationship with yourself
· Thought-provoking journalling prompts to deepen your self-awareness and allow for reflection
· Guidance on how to let go of worries, doubts and other self-limiting beliefs
· Actionable advice to help you consciously shape yourself into the person you choose to be

This journal will be your guide to understanding and empowering the most important person in your life: you.