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Discover the fascinating world of angels and learn how to access and interpret their messages to bring peace and abundance to your life

Have you ever felt like something is watching over you? Do you feel there is a presence keeping you company wherever you go? Have you seen, felt or heard something you can’t explain? Then your spirit guides could be trying to contact you.

Unlock the secrets of the spiritual world with this introductory guide to angels in all their forms. Here you will discover how to strengthen the connection with your divine messengers and channel their awesome power. With the wisdom and guidance of your angels to protect you, you can find your purpose and live with positivity every day.

Inside you will find:
  • A history of angels and how they’ve been perceived throughout different cultures around the world
  • Information on the many types of spirit guides, including spirit animals, ancestors, ascended masters, enlightened beings and starseeds
  • Methods for channelling and communicating with angels and how to interpret their messages
  • The many ways angels can enhance your life and support you on your personal path