Filth – The Outrageous Party Game for Disgraceful People

Create hilariously indecent sentences in this X-rated party game












£19.99 • 127x178x80mm • June 2020

Time: 3 mins to learn, 20 mins+ to play
Number of players: 3-15
Includes: 530 playing cards

Warning: Not suitable for persons under 18 years. For adult use only.

  • Compete to invent the most outrageous sexploits that will make even the most poker-faced players blush.
  • Unmask the dirty, deviant and downright depraved minds of your friends in this side-splitting X-rated extravaganza.
  • Easy to learn and quick to play! Use the cards to build a sentence – rude, obscene, funny or absurd – and vote on whose creation is the filthiest!
  • Sentence examples include: “I was being pleasured by a gigantic lubricated dildo in Grandma’s living room”, or “I was thrusting against a silky, pulsing ballsack at a funeral” – and that’s barely scratching the surface!
  • No two games are the same, as there are countless combinations of cards that can be played. There is no end to the cocktails of indecency you can create!
  • Hilarious and profane, this disgraceful card game will guarantee that any pre-drinks, dinner party or games night is an absolute winner.