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The Book for Badass Women

The Book for Badass Women

What is a badass woman? Whatever the heck she wants to be! Dive head first into this sassy little book filled with empowering tips and kick-ass quotes.

A badass woman is someone who follows her own path, whatever that path may be. She speaks up for what she believes in, she pursues her dreams and she isn’t afraid to stay true to herself.

This book will give you all the tools you need to unleash your inner badass. Whether you want to say “no” more often, have the courage to take up physical space or free yourself from the goal of “being likable”, these pages are brimming with tips to help you rip up society’s rule-book and go your own way.

The chapters include advice on:
– Strengthening your self-confidence
– Standing up for what you want
– Going after your goals
– Lifting up and empowering other women

Whether you want to conquer the world with grit, grace or a little bit of both, The Book for Badass Women will help you on your way to being your truest, most badass self. You got this!
Letting Go

Letting Go

Life doesn’t need to be a struggle. Letting go is the strongest thing I’ve ever done…

‘A practical and heartfelt guide to healing for anyone who has suffered from low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, or disordered eating. Woolf writes with intelligence, wisdom and compassion for a generation of women battling an enduring media onslaught of perfectionism. The fightback continues.’
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, The Vagenda

‘Psychology, philosophy and personal growth marvellously rolled into one, Letting Go is a must-read. This book shows us how to develop inner confidence, open new doors, and rediscover joy and meaning in our lives.’
Deanne Jade, psychologist and founder of the National Centre For Eating Disorders

Letting Go is not about giving up, but about letting freedom in. This brave and personal account shows us that the path to true liberation is through embracing our true selves, however flawed we fear they might be.’
Sally Brampton, author of Shoot the Damn Dog and columnist for Top Santé and Psychologies

‘A timely reminder that though we may take ourselves for granted at times, self-care is a divine responsibility. In Woolf’s intimately personal yet relatable voice, Letting Go empowers us to accept both the role of wounded and healer.’
Caroline Kent, Telegraph journalist

‘Gutsy and engaging, Letting Go combines research and real-life advice on fulfilling your inner potential and building self-belief… Woolf’s latest book is highly recommended.’
Tim Weeks, Olympic trainer

‘Emma Woolf is the voice of friendly sanity; she is the warm, assured hand that reaches out and grasps yours. A wonderfully helpful book.’
Kate Long, author of The Bad Mother’s Handbook

Exploring the issues of love, loss, healing and happiness, this manifesto for freedom from one of feminism’s liveliest voices will guide you on the path to feeling newly, truly confident.
The Unicorn Craft Book

The Unicorn Craft Book

The magical realm of unicorns comes to life in this dazzling craft book, brimming with sparkles and rainbows. Let your imagination run wild in creating dozens of fun and entertaining projects to make for yourself or give as gifts, including an amazing unicorn soft toy, a glittering headband and a rainbow-coloured charm.

Each project comes with a list of all the items and templates that you will need to create your unicorn-fuelled fun, along with step-by-step instructions and clear photographs to help you create something really special. Get ready to spread the magic!
Naughty Puzzle Book

Naughty Puzzle Book

This kinky collection of puzzles and titillating trivia is guaranteed to spice up your life

If you fancy a crude crossword that you wouldn’t find in your daily newspaper, then look no further than this no-holds-barred activity book. Whether you’re completing a risqué dot-to-dot or are lost in a dirty wordsearch, Naughty Puzzle Book is guaranteed to hit the spot.

With provocative puzzles and tantalizing trivia, this book won’t just make you a professional puzzler, you’ll also be a certified sexpert!

Inside you will find all kinds of naughtiness, including these stimulating activities:
– Match the icons in a playful pairs game
– Solve the raunchiest of riddles
– Shuffle the letters of a seriously smutty anagram
– Spot the difference between two super-sensual scenarios

If you like the idea of a book that puts the tease in brain-teaser, then this collection of filthy activities will leave you both shocked and amazed. Be warned though, this book is definitely not safe for work!
The Complete Bachelor

The Complete Bachelor

Polish up on the art of becoming the complete bachelor!
 Are you…
Attending a formal dinner but worried you won’t know which fork to use? Planning a trip abroad but unsure of what to pack? Joining a yachting club and need to know the correct attire?  Bursting with witty, practical advice on the ins and outs of etiquette, from how one should dress for a formal occasion to what behaviour one should adopt while travelling abroad, this guide will help every modern man to deport himself with poise and confidence.
The Little Book of Chat-Up Lines

The Little Book of Chat-Up Lines

You remind me of a parking ticket. You’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you.

Have you ever been surrounded by hot women and stuck for an opening line?
From CLASSIC QUIPS to TOP TIPS on body language and online dating, this little book will help you shake off your fears of making the fi rst move and become a DATING AFICIONADO.
Bonkers Britain

Bonkers Britain

Having a good old moan about little everyday frustrations is a quintessential part of being British, and when it comes to barmy bureaucracy we can really get our knickers in a twist! This book collects the most mind-boggling and side-splitting examples of potty political correctness, ridiculous red tape and well-intentioned (but ultimately wacky) warnings from across bonkers Britain today.
Discover the ‘infallible logic’ that inspired a toy manufacturer to point out to customers that its plastic broomstick doesn’t really fly, the ‘dutiful consideration’ that led to sex being described as ‘cooperative physical fitness’, and the ‘forward thinking’ that resulted in a sign advising against hogging the middle lane being displayed on a two-lane motorway. But be warned: this book may induce bouts of uncontrollable laughter and should only be used by those properly trained in lifting books and turning pages.
Suddenly Senior

Suddenly Senior

by Tom Hay
‘You know you’re getting old when you can pinch an inch on your forehead.’
John Mendoza

You might be getting a bit thin on top, plump at the middle and creaky around the knees, but that doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten how to enjoy yourself! This collection of witty quotations, light-hearted yarns and cheerful jokes will help you chalk that last ‘senior moment’ down to experience, forget the grey hairs and the twinges, and celebrate getting older with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your wrinkle.
Older, Wiser, Sexier (Women)

Older, Wiser, Sexier (Women)

‘Never eat healthy food. We so need all the preservatives we can get”

The hilarious Spring Chicken greeting card range has brought wry smiles to the faces of millions. Older, Wiser, Sexier brings together the best of the cheeky but charming cartoons books to create the perfect gift for that person in your life who may be getting on a bit but certainly isn’t past it.
Older, Wiser, Sexier (Men)

Older, Wiser, Sexier (Men)

At your age, people expect you to be calm, dignified and sober… Disappoint them.’

Older, Wiser, Sexier brings together the best of Bev Williams’ cheeky but charming cartoons to create the perfect gift for that person in your life who may be getting on a bit but certainly isn’t past it.
The Little Book of Senior Moments

The Little Book of Senior Moments

You know you’re having a senior moment when you decide it’s time to pull up your socks – and realize you forgot to put any on!

Age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel, but if you’re heading into your golden years and you’re certifiably “no spring chicken”, you might benefit from browsing through the pages of this tongue-in-cheek book to help you decide if your marbles just need a polish or you’ve well and truly lost them!

Inside you’ll find examples of classic “senior moments”, such as:

– Ringing a friend to ask them for their phone number.
– Getting annoyed at the fact that your all-in-one remote won’t open your garage door.
– Going to the store for milk and coming home with a new dog collar, rawl plugs, some plant pots that were on special offer… but no milk.
– Feeling frustrated by your computer’s instructions to “press any key”, when there’s no “Any” key on your keyboard.
With a sprinkling of reassuring quotes from fellow old-timers, this collection will help you see the funny side of getting older (but not necessarily wiser).
A* in Exams

A* in Exams

This upbeat, easy-to-use guide will show you how to organise your work, revise effectively and prepare for exam day to give you the best chance of getting that A*! Peppered with jokes showing how not to do it from the inimitable Richard Benson, author of F in Exams, this book includes:
Preparing your revision environment Organising your notes Using the right revision methods Choosing reliable online resources Best practice for exam day Finding the best approach for YOU
Rude Puzzle Book

Rude Puzzle Book

Strictly for grown-ups!

This saucy selection of puzzles puts the tease in brain-teasers, and makes a racy replacement for life’s idle moments

Put down your phone, tablet or smutty magazine and pick up this crude collection of conundrums and provocative puzzles. Whether you want to dive straight into the Bootylicious Bottoms Word Search, or even test your logic with a Raunchy Riddler, there are puzzles here to tickle a whole range of fancies.

Inside you will find a variety of juicy puzzles, including these:

– Shuffle the letters of anagrams to identify seriously smutty lingo
– Pair up the matching icons in the playful picture puzzles
– Test your knowledge of everything erotic with a range of titillating trivia
– Join up the dot-to-dots to discover some sensual sex positions
So, what are you waiting for? If you like the idea of puzzles that are a bit more naughty than they are nice, this is the perfect book for you.
Inspiration and Motivation for Artists

Inspiration and Motivation for Artists

‘To be an artist is to believe in life.’
Henry Moore
This colourful little book of uplifting quotes and tailored tips delivers motivational sparks and creative signposts for artists. Read it, doodle in it, turn it into an inspirational collage – whatever you do it, the aim is simple: to get you creating art!
The Saboteur of Auschwitz

The Saboteur of Auschwitz

For fans of The Tattooist of Auschwitz, The Librarian of Auschwitz and The Choice, this is the incredible true story of a British soldier POW.

In 1942, young British soldier Arthur Dodd was taken prisoner by the German Army and transported to Oswiecim in Polish Upper Silesia. The Germans gave it another name, now synonymous with mankind’s darkest hours. They called it Auschwitz.

Forced to do hard labour, starved and savagely beaten, Arthur thought his life would end in Auschwitz. Determined to go down fighting, he sabotaged Nazi industrial work, risked his life to alleviate the suffering of the Jewish prisoners and aided a partisan group planning a mass break-out.

This shocking true story sheds new light on the operations at the camp, exposes a hierarchy of prisoner treatment by the SS and presents the largely unknown story of the military POWs held there.
Literary Wit and Wisdom

Literary Wit and Wisdom

‘One hates an author that’s all author.’
Lord Byron
With quips, quotes and insults from beloved literary figures such as William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway to modern literati including Zadie Smith and Will Self, this charming book reveals your favourite authors’ opinions on subjects from families, food and friendship to writing  masterpieces, being married and silencing dim-witted critics. Literary Wit and Wisdom will ensure that you’re never at a loss for the perfect witticism.
Life Lessons From the Amazon

Life Lessons From the Amazon

This is the tale of an epic three-month adventure through unexplored jungle terrain – and it might even change your life

Fuelled by a zest for life and the desire to explore the world around her, Pip Stewart took on a world-first challenge: following Guyana’s Essequibo River from source to sea. With the help of guides from the Waî Waî indigenous community, Pip and her teammates journeyed through the rainforest, facing peril every day as they kayaked rapids, traversed waterfalls and hacked their way through the mountainous jungle of the Guiana Shield, before finally reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

Survival skills and a flesh-eating parasite weren’t the only things Pip took home from the rainforest. From contending with snakes to learning about the value of community, forgiveness and self-belief, in Life Lessons from the Amazon Pip shares many pearls of wisdom that we can all apply to our own lives. Her hard-won insights invite us to embrace the wildness within ourselves and live more every day.
Inspiration and Motivation for Writers

Inspiration and Motivation for Writers

‘Do not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book… give it all.’
Annie Dillard
This colourful little book of uplifting quotes and tailored tips delivers motivational sparks and creative signposts for writers. Read it, write on it, put it in a frame on your desk – whatever you do with it, the aim is simple: to get you writing!
She Believed She Could So She Did

She Believed She Could So She Did

A sparkling collection of empowering affirmations and inspiring quotes from badass women

Inside every woman is a diamond core of strength that helps them achieve anything they put their mind to. Tap into your magic with this beautiful collection of inspirational quotations and life-affirming statements, featuring the wisdom of modern-day icons like Beyoncé, Venus Williams and Amy Schumer, and the classic life advice of trailblazers such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie and Maya Angelou.

For some extra sparkle every day, let wise words like these inspire you to conquer the world with grit and grace:

– You are a diamond – never let them dull your sparkle
– She needed a hero so that’s what she became
– Trust your inner voice – she is a goddess talking to you
– You can rule the world; just don’t be afraid to wear the crown
– Be your own kind of beautiful
– Girls with dreams become women with vision
Never Mind the Sprouts

Never Mind the Sprouts

Do you struggle to get the little ones in your family to eat anything of nutritional value or even so much as sniff at a green vegetable? Mealtimes can often feel like a battle of wills when there are fussy eaters to cater for. This handy cookbook, packed with mouth-watering, quick and easy-to-execute, nutritious recipes is your one-stop guide to introducing new flavours to a developing palate. With tips on how to encourage your child to try different things and helpful advice on how to turn fussy eaters into food lovers, happy mealtimes and satisfied smiles are guaranteed!
Recipes include simple soups and quick snacks, as well as hearty meals for all the family, including old favourites and exciting new dishes to tickle the taste buds.
Iconic Artists and Their Masterpieces

Iconic Artists and Their Masterpieces

by Vicky Benaim Illustrated by Magu Villar
Step into the fascinating world of art history with this inspiring collection of artists and their most famous works, ready and waiting for you to bring to life with colour

Awaken your creativity and produce your own artistic masterpieces with this stunning selection of art icons. From painters and engravers to sculptors and quiltmakers, this book features illustrations of 23 artists from across the world and throughout time. Including figures as varied as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt, Evelyn de Morgana and Harriet Powers, each illustration is accompanied by a concise biography and insight into the artist’s unique style.

Embark on this journey of colour and creativity to practise mindfulness and ease everyday stresses. These intricate, original designs are perfect for developing fine motor skills, improving focus, reducing tension and relieving anxiety. So, relax, quieten your mind and let your imagination soar as you create your own renditions of the world’s most iconic works of art.
We Can Do It!

We Can Do It!

‘Speak! It’s a revolution for women to have voices.’
Jill Soloway

Ever since the dawn of time, women have been stepping up and saying ‘Yes we can!’, even while they were being told ‘No you can’t’. From unruly women to wise women, women in love to women ready to take on the world, this inspiring book brings together the wisest and wittiest quotes from women who won’t let anything hold them back.
Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns

Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns

‘Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.’
Wassily Kandinsky

There’s nothing like a unicorn to give life some colour. Relax, take a break and let your imagination soar…

So Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns!
The Wit and Wisdom of William Shakespeare

The Wit and Wisdom of William Shakespeare

‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ Hamlet

This entertaining collection gathers together William Shakespeare’s wisest and wittiest quotations. The Wit and Wisdom of William Shakespeare proves that brevity is the soul of wit and is sure to delight all lovers of the Bard’s uniquely perceptive and influential works.
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